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On View

Seth Sexton


A contemporary dance film short, DYBBUK is a compelling ghostlike love story that shows the creation of a painting through film, dance, and performance.

A man with paint on his clothes lies on the floor looking straight at the camera. The floor is covered in black and white paint.
Seth Sexton. DYBBUK, 2017. Digital still.

Screening Launch: Thursday, May 3, 6:00 — 8:00 pm

DYBBUK is Loosely based on the play written by the Russian playwright S. Ansky and also inspired by an adapted film by Michal Waszynski and a production made by Jerome Robbins for New York City Ballet.

Sexton’s interests in the intersection of movement and visual art-making transformed the original narrative of DYBBUK into a mixed-media cinematic painting. He is moved by creative spirits in his dance and when he makes visual art. DYBBUK is, in part, about the complexity of possession. Sexton is also concerned with the divinity of form, the power of gesture and the transformation of space through installation. He uses DYBBUK as a means to explore the veil in the thresholds between artistic media, highlighting overarching aspects of texture, opacity, allegories of seeing, specters and their garments, the karmic wheel, the construct of order and disorder, life and death, and most importantly the disintegration of boundaries.

About the Artist

Seth Sexton is a Seattle based multimedia artist whose current work emphasizes large scale painting choreographies. He incorporates the rituals and patterns of agrarian society with visual and performing arts. He has showcased his collaborative multimedia choreographies at Seattle based institutions such as Velocity Dance Center, On the Boards, Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Soil Gallery, Bumbershoot and others. Sexton is originally from Chimacum, Washington, where he was raised on a farm. In 2003 he received his BFA in painting from the University of Washington.