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King County International Airport

A site-specific collection of artworks celebrate the history and marvel of aviation.

Brad Miller. 30,000 Feet, 2003. Rulers, neon, and color photographs. King County International Airport, Seattle, WA. King County Public Art Collection. Photo:

The site of the King County International Airport, also known as Boeing Field, has been a hotbed of aviation activity since the early 20th century when the flat land along the Duwamish River hosted early air shows. The location was home to the young Boeing Airplane Company before the citizens of King County voted in 1928 to create the region’s first municipal airport there. In 2003, King County completed a major renovation of the original Air Terminal Building, taking care to honor its historical character while invoking a bold future.

As part of the renovation, 4Culture restored multiple monumental outdoor sculptures and reimagined the display of portable artworks that have been part of the airport’s special collection, a subset of the larger King County Public Art Collection, since 1979. The agency also commissioned new portable artworks, artist-made building parts, and architecturally integrated works.