Preservation Action Fund

This real estate program is dedicated to purchasing, restoring, protecting, and re-activating historic properties throughout King County.

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Eligible Properties

To be considered for acquisition, a historic property must meet local landmark designation criteria, be threatened, and have local support. Properties must be within King County, but outside the City of Seattle.

Advisory Team

Historic preservation professionals from 4Culture, King County’s Historic Preservation Program, the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, and Historic Seattle are members of the Preservation Action Fund advisory team. Historic Seattle will lead the development activity.

Project Selection

Endangered or neglected historic buildings of all kinds - residential, commercial, agricultural, or institutional – may be acquired through this fund. The goal for each project is to replenish and potentially grow the fund through the sale of the rehabilitated property.

Current Project

In May 2019, the Preservation Action Fund Advisory Team gave Historic Seattle the go-ahead to purchase the Ronnei-Raum House, a 1904 cottage in Fall City. For many decades, it was home to the caretaker of the Falls City Masonic Lodge, which sits next door. Historic Seattle will rehabilitate the house before selling it, and will ensure its protection through landmark designation and a preservation easement. See photos of the Ronnei-Raum House below, and check back here for updates on its restoration.

The Ronnei-Raum House in 1940, from the Washington State Archives.
The Ronnei-Raum House, photo couresy of Historic Seattle.
The Ronnei-Raum House, to the right of the Falls City Masonic Lodge. Photo courtesy of the King County Preservation Program.

For more information please contact Dana Phelan, Preservation Lead at 4Culture, or Kji Kelly, Executive Director of program partner Historic Seattle.