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Harborview Medical Center

Artworks by outstanding contemporary artists appear throughout Harborview’s public spaces, celebrating the hospital’s multicultural environment.

© 2001 Alfredo Arreguin, Tasmanian Tigers, oil on canvas. Photo by Spike Mafford.

The Cultural Heritage Collection features 70 artworks by 41 outstanding contemporary artists from across the U.S. Purchased with the 1% for Art funds that were generated as part of the construction of Harborview's trauma center and clinics, the collection is on display throughout the facility’s public spaces as a way to celebrate the multicultural environment. In each of the works, artists explore their own cultural heritage, identity, or traditions.
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© 1999 Dempsey Bob, The Wolf Helper, cast bronze, horsehair. Photo by Spike Mafford.
© 2002 Baba Wagué Diakité, Balance, Earthenware with glaze and underglazes. Photo by Aaron Johanson.
© 2002 Keiko Hara, Verse from Sea #8, Woodblock and stencil on paper. Photo courtesy of the artist.
© 2001 Alfredo Arreguin, Tasmanian Tigers, oil on canvas. Photo by Spike Mafford.
© 2002 Rachel Brumer, Coral, Pollen, Pearls, embroidery on hand dyed fabric on wood panel. Photo by Mark Frey.
© 1996 Marita Dingus, Red Quilt, Mixed fiber applique. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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Harborview Medical Center

For more than a century, Harborview Medical Center has functioned as a unique community and regional resource. It is a county hospital, a teaching and research institution, a regional trauma and burn center, and the primary health care provider for many low-income and disenfranchised people in the community. Harborview embraces its mission of treating everybody,…

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