HazMatters + The Wild World of Pesticides

Edie Everette and Clyde Petersen

Edie Everette’s comic book and Clyde Petersen’s animated short are artist-designed public service announcements about hazardous materials and you.

© Edie Everette, HazMatters, 2014, comic book

Hazardous materials are a social issue. Their use, and the way we store and dispose them, affects public health and the quality of the environment we all share, but this can be confusing and overwhelming. Everette is a cartoonist and Petersen an animator. Each worked with the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program to create an artist-designed public service announcement. The result: a comic book and short film that each offer stories and lessons in a way that is both artful and informative. Both artworks are available in English and Spanish.