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{secret songs of your surroundings}

Christopher DeLaurenti


An interactive audio project captures the sounds of place.

Christopher DeLaurenti. {secret songs of your surroundings}, 2010-2011. Web-based installation and mobile app. RapidRide A Line, Tukwila, WA and Federal Way, WA. King County Public Art Collection

What stories can be heard in the sounds of a bus corridor?

For the RapidRide A Line in South King County, Christopher DeLaurenti created {secret songs of your surroundings}, a temporary sonic portrait of the corridor that highlighted discrete sounds, sound patterns, and the act of listening itself. It was the first sound-based public art project ever commissioned by 4Culture.

Visual prompts on RapidRide buses and stops invited commuters to listen and co-compose a unique soundscape, either online or by phone. Online, riders used three sliders to control the audio output; the three continuums ranged from past to future, mysterious to obvious, and relax to explore. By phone, they used the phone keypad to create a randomized mix. These interactions were available in seven languages commonly spoken along the corridor.
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