A book about love, persistence, and a region rich in creativity.

Remark (Paul Rucker), 2022. Gallery 4Culture. Photo:

100 Gallery 4Culture alumni, spanning the program’s 40+ year history, were invited to share current work and words around a common theme: Remark. A remark is a comment made through speech, seeing, and writing. Re-mark is a mark, once again; an act of examination, change, and new paths forward.

The resulting publication celebrates past, present, and future as one. Like the gallery, the format is experimental. The use of color, material, pacing, and playful pairings of imagery and text are akin to longstanding programmatic methodologies, rooted in generosity, exchange, and DIY, roll-up your sleeves grit. We hope, in some small way, it can be experienced as an artwork in and of itself. It is meant as a gift.

4Culture partnered with graphic designer Jayme Yen to realize this project.

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Amanda Kirkhuff. Sanibucket, 2020. Oil on canvas. 24 x 24 inches
John Criscitello. Mass, 2021. Graphite on paper. 23 x 31 inches (folded)
Jennifer Zwick. Speaking Loudly With Gentle Materials (NO), 2019. Archival Inkjet print. 36 x 48 inches
Marilyn Montúfar. Yaneda, 2021. Archival Inkjet print. 24 x 24 inches