Melissa Glenn and Matt Inpanbutr, Bi(K)o Garden, 2010
© Melissa Glenn and Matt Inpanbutr, Bi(K)o Garden permanent installation at SHKS Architects in Fremont, 2011, Photo by Melissa Glenn

The team of Melissa Glenn and Matt Inpanbutr of SHKS Architects created Bi(K) o garten, a kit that transforms parking spaces into a temporary "park." The artwork is based on the footprint of a typical parking space and proposes an alternative approach for this type of space.

Stokley Towles, Life in the Gutter, 2010
© Stormwater: Life in the Gutter, 2010, Photo by John J. Little, Jr.

Should beavers be hired as City of Seattle employees? Who tracks down toxins before they poison Lake Union? What’s a floating river?

These questions and more are posed and answered in a one-man performance written and performed by Stokley Towles. The piece uncovers the world of urban rainfall and the people who live, work and play in it. Meet Ellen, a gutter detective, and her "baby in the middle of the city." Meet James who observes floating rivers. Learn about John's trips into the bowels of the city and what he finds there. The 40-minute piece consists of stories about Seattle Public Utilities employees and their work, and gives a gutter's eye-view on all of us who live and work in Rain City.

Towles performance, which is intended to raise public awareness of environmental stewardship, was commissioned by 4Culture & the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, and was presented at public venues throughout Seattle.

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Vaughn Bell, I Ped, 2011
© Vaughn Bell, Iped, 2011, Photo by Jordan Bell

Vaughn Bell created a series of sculptural walking sticks and performances that reinforce the sensory experience of the traveler and the notion that the ultimate low impact vehicle is the human body."I Ped is a tool for exploration. In this tactile object, individuals explore and create their own landscape by walking, noticing, writing and drawing, then share it with the next person who uses the walking stick." - Vaughn Bell

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Dominic Muren, The Production Cycle, 2010
© Dominic Muren, The Production Cycle, 2010, Photo courtesy of the artist

University of Washington faculty in Design Studies and 2010 TED Global fellow Dominic Muren brought his concept of Humblefactory to The Production Cycle, a mobile micro-factory in the form of a pedal-powered sewing machine. Muren created reusable cloth shopping bags for trade at local farmers markets. The currency for the bags was information about other waste stream products available to be recycled into goods.

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Michael Hintze, Alisha Dall'Osto, David R. Dall'Osto and Nadine Smith, Magnetic Mass Assist, 2010
© Photo courtesy of the artist

The team of Michael Hintze, Alisha Dall'Osto, David R. Dall'Osto and Nadine Smith collaborated on a tabletop model of Magnetic Mass Assist. The model illustrates a mechanism to harness the kinetic energy of descending vehicles to assist the riders going up the hill, making bikes more practical for a wider range of riders on steep Seattle terrain. The team plans to propose a prototype for the City of Seattle.

Julia Field, Undriving, 2010
© Julia Field, Undriver's License, 2010, Photo courtesy of Undriving

Julia Field worked with students at the University of Washington's School of Digital Communications to create a series of short documentary videos that chronicle the choices made by individuals who have made an Undriving pledge and received their Undriver License.

Learn more about Undriving and watch all the videos on the organization's website.

Johnnie Olivan, H2O Flow, 2010
© Johnnie Olivan, H2O Flow, 2010, Photo by the artist

Artist Johnnie Olivan created a fleet of "Bike-Cars" constructed from reclaimed bikes and other materials that were designed to offer pedal-powered alternatives for transporting goods and people. Olivan characterized his vehicles, Trashie Trike, H2O Flow, Media Maker, Wheelchair Assist and Bike Bus, as a form of social interactive transportation. With the help of two assistants, Olivan participated in the Seattle to Portland bicycle event, traveling over 200 miles in two days on the Bike Bus. Bumbershoot 2011 will host Olivan’s fleet as part of an aLIVe event over Labor Day weekend. Alice / The Well Cultured Bike-Car Fleet, a video chronicling the project, will be shown as part of the SIFF short documentary festival at Bumbershoot.

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Watch Bike-Car videos.

Collection: aLIVe King County, WA

The aLIVe project aims to spark interaction across disciplines, showcase ideas and suggest action around issues of energy, livability and design.