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***4Culture offices and gallery are closed due to recommendations from King County Public Health. Staff are working remotely and are available by phone and email.***

4CULTURE provides funding and support for the cultural work that makes King County vibrant

Arts Fueling Creativity

Fueling Creativity

Arts 4Culture funds individual artists, artist groups and arts organizations that provide access to art experiences for all King County residents and visitors. More ›

Heritage Making History Happen

Making History Happen

Helping communities recognize, preserve and explore our shared heritage - in all the places where the past meets the present. More ›


ONGOpen 4Culture

Preservation Conserving Community

Conserving Community

In the face of change, we support the preservation of the historic places that give King County its character. More ›


ONGOpen 4Culture

Public Art Extraordinary Spaces, Everyday Places

Extraordinary Spaces, Everyday Places

We commission and collect for the King County Public Art Collection, bringing artists' thinking to the spaces we share and offering consulting to the region. More ›


There are currently no open calls.


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