Be a 4Culture On-Site Reviewer!

Skyway Outdoor Cinema, 2017. Photo by Hannah Letinich Photography.

Interested in being a part of the grant-making process? On-Site Reviewers go to events presented by arts and heritage organizations funded by or applying for our Sustained Support grants—orchestras, theaters, dance groups, galleries, choruses, festivals, museums, and more. They then write up short reviews of their experience, which are given to the panels that determine funding, providing a patron’s-eye-view of each organization.

We are seeking artists, arts and heritage administrators, and informed community members who are comfortable evaluating arts and heritage events and who are able to articulate their opinions clearly in written form. You must have some verifiable background in an artistic discipline or heritage/ preservation activity, or you must be able to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in some other way. If you work or volunteer for an organization that receives 4Culture funding you can apply, though you won’t be asked to review organizations where there is a conflict of interest. You must be able to discuss the substance of events beyond a “thumbs-up, thumbs-down” response. Because grant panel members may be reading applications from more than 350 organizations, it’s crucial that On-Site Reviews be both thoughtful and concise.

On-Site Reviews will be conducted between May 1, 2019, and December 31, 2020. During the spring and fall, when arts activity is heavier, On-Site Reviewers could possibly attend 3-4 events in a month, but more often will attend 1-2 events per month. 4Culture funds organizations throughout King County; ability and willingness to travel to suburban and rural communities is a plus! On-Site Reviewers receive 2 tickets to each event they review and are paid $40 per review, although we regret that we are unable to pay for travel expenses, with the exception of ferry costs.

Applications are due Wednesday, April 24, 2019 by 5:00 pm PDT. Please submit the following via email to Bret Fetzer at with “On-Site Review Applicant” in the subject line:

  1. One page with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, along with a short (200-500 word) review of an event you’ve recently attended.
  2. A resume indicating your experience with arts or heritage activity. If your experience is non-professional or doesn’t fit a resume format, please write a short statement describing your experience and what art forms or heritage activities you’d be comfortable reviewing.

If you have any questions before you apply, please contact Bret Fetzer at the email address above or at 206-263-1599. Download this call as a PDF.