First Group of Creative Consultancies Announced

The City of Burien's Arts-a-Glow Festival, 2018.

The goals of our long-standing Site-Specific program are to engage new audiences for contemporary art and create new opportunities for King County artists by encouraging collaboration. Over the years, the grant has periodically evolved—most recently it existed as Tech Specific, funding creatives working at the intersection of art and tech. In 2018, it took on a new shape: Creative Consultancies.

Cities across King County shared their challenges and hopes for what artists could bring to the table. We then invited artists, organizations, and creative planners to respond. Cities and creatives were paired, creating project proposals that have now been evaluated by a panel and awarded funding! The full list of funded collaborations is below—watch for these projects to get underway across King County later this year:

Auburn and Kathleen Frugé Brown
The visual and public artist will create an environmental design, street mural, and lighting elements for the alleyway between the new Arts and Culture Center and the Auburn Avenue Theater.

Bothell and Una McAlinden
The planning consultant will facilitate a cultural planning process for the newly created Bothell Arts Commission and the greater City of Bothell.

Burien and Enjoy Productions
This event planning firm will work with the City of Burien to redesign the highly successful Arts-a-Glow Festival which has grown to more than 5,000 participants in recent years.

Duvall and Don Fels
The visual and public artist and their collaborator, sound composer Suzie Kazowa, will work with the Duvall Foundation for the Arts to create architectural renderings for the reconstruction of the Thayer Barn as an art center.

Kent and Lucia Neare
The artist will conduct an extended community engagement project to connect with the new communities and changing demographics of Kent and activate the downtown corridor.

Kirkland and Ann Marie Schneider
The artist will create an arts plan and wayfinding project for the growing Totem Lake business district of the city of Kirkland.

Mercer Island and George Lee
The artist will create a new vision and arts plan for the restoration of the Greta Hackett Outdoor Sculpture Gallery located along I-90 and the future light rail station on Mercer Island.

Newcastle and Claudia Bach
The planning consultant will work with the newly formed arts commission, activities commission to facilitate a cultural planning process for the rapidly growing city of Newcastle.

Redmond and Susan Robb
A visual and conceptual artist will work with various city departments Friends of Youth to engage homeless and endangered youth in a developing tree canopy project for the city of Redmond.

SeaTac and Framework
The consulting company will work with the recently formed SeaTac Arts, Culture and Library Committee to help reimagine the former International Festival and explore opportunities to connect with the broader community and SeaTac airport.

Shoreline-Lake Forest Park and Beverly Aarons
A multi-disciplinary artist will work with the Shoreline historical museum and Arts Council to conduct a series of interviews and oral histories with various ethnic communities in the City of Shoreline and create a theatrical production based on stories of their past and imagined future.