Guest Post: Student Art Spaces Showcases Teen Artists

Drowse by Bellevue high school student Kate Yu. This piece will be on display in the Student Art Spaces gallery.

Supported by a 4Culture Art Projects grant, Alice Mao, 17, and Taylor Wang, 15, organized a teen art show. Here they share the inspiration behind it and invite King County to experience the results of their work:

What strikes you when you hear the words “The Modern Youth’s Identity?” We invited teen artists across the country to interpret this theme for our new Student Art Spaces gallery. Over the weekends and between our classes, we’ve been organizing everything from 4Culture grants to shipping of the work. The show will feature the work of 43 artists aged 15–21.

Our mission is to provide teens with an audience and a professional atmosphere. It’s often events like these, early in artists’ careers, that give them confidence and propel them forwards to a path of creativity. Not only will this encourage youth participation in the arts, but it will promote accessibility in an industry that is often perceived as exclusive or elitist.

We’ve been recognized by the Issaquah Reporter as “dedicated to youth outreach and participation in the arts.” Artists from Seattle’s Franklin High School to the Rhode Island School of Design submitted work that reflects the experience and the turmoil of being a young person in 2019. We hope that the unique viewpoints showcased in our gallery will prompt thinking and discussion. Thanks to grants from 4Culture, the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and 34 Kickstarter donors, we are able to put on this show.

All 43 artists’ work will be on display at Seattle Artist League, 10219 Aurora Ave, Seattle, WA 98133, from August 31–September 2! Join us on opening night at 6:30–8:30pm. Learn more at