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A growing transit service integrates interactive multi-media projects and more.

Johnson|Ramirez. RapidRide Art Plan, 2020. King County, WA. Illustration: Aaron Bagley

Launched in 2009 with the creation of the A Line, RapidRide is King County Metro’s premier transit service, a network of limited-stop bus routes that provide frequent trips in six major transit corridors covering 64 miles across the county—with additional lines scheduled to debut in the years ahead. Different from standard bus service, RapidRide lines look, feel and operate more like trains with 20% faster travel time and over 50% more riders.

Because RapidRide buses are enabled with WiFi, 4Culture initially approached the RapidRide system as an opportunity to commission temporary, interactive, media-based artworks that riders could access via their computers and mobile devices, such as Christopher DeLaurenti’s { secret songs of your surroundings }, a sonic portrait of the A Line, and Hornall Anderson’s interactive transit experience B Line PULSE. Looking ahead to RapidRide’s expansion, 4Culture engaged Elisheba Johnson and Kristen Ramirez to create an art plan and detailed framework for creative enhancements and experiences that will enliven the new lines as they become operational in the coming years.