North Bend’s Sunset Garage is a Landmark Saved

The Sunset Garage in North Bend, circa 1940.

In 2015, we partnered with Executive Dow Constantine and the King County Council to invest a historic $28 million in our region’s cultural infrastructure. Now, almost four years later, we continue to see the results of that investment as more and more of these major renovations and building projects are completed. The latest is the Sunset Garage in North Bend!

The Sunset Garage sits prominently at the corner of North Bend Way and Bendigo Boulevard South. It has evolved with the times—originally a livery stable, it provided car sales, repair services, and gasoline for travelers as the Sunset Highway became an east-west thoroughfare in the 1930s. Although many of the building’s original 1929 Art Deco features remained intact, they were covered by a facade of concrete and plate glass sometime in the 1960s. The primary corner of the garage sustained multiple collisions over the years, resulting in the building being labeled “the eyesore of the decade.”

Left: the Sunset Garage building in 2015, before restoration work. Right: restoration completed, 2019.

Rehabilitating the Sunset Garage was a priority for both its owner and the City of North Bend. Now, thanks to their dedication and Building for Culture funds, the Garage has been restored to its historic appearance. The concrete exterior facade was completely demolished, and the storefront was framed, sealed, and textured with stucco in the blue color pictured above. New custom windows, front door, and upper awnings with Spanish tile roofing were added. Underneath the new second floor overhang, LED lights were installed to provide night-time illumination.

The restored Sunset Garage serves as a tangible, visible link to North Bend’s past, while also making way for its future.