Harborview Medical Center

Serving a four-state region, Harborview Medical Center's public spaces, specialty clinics, and corridors feature an extensive public art collection that promotes a healing environment in this trauma care center.

© 1997 Connie Watts, Vereinigung, birch plywood, hardwood dowels (detail). Photo courtesy of 4Culture.

4Culture works in partnership with Harborview Hospital and the University of Washington to craft the public art program at Harborview. Our collection complements Harborview’s own public art collection, and works can be found installed throughout the facilities. Wall labels and plaques will help you identify which works are included in our collection. The Public Art Collection at Harborview has been growing since 1977 and is based on the belief that the arts can counterbalance the emotional, psychological, technological and institutional intensities of the medical center by reducing stress and conveying a sense of individual dignity and worth upon all who enter its doors. The collection has grown not only in the number of artworks, but also in geographic distribution of the artists represented in the collection. The scale of individual projects has also increased, now encompassing major site-specific and architecturally-integrated artworks.

Creating a Place to Heal, an art plan created by Fernanda D’Agostino, is guiding the medical center’s investment in art.