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Poetry on Buses

Poetry on Buses celebrates local voices in one of our community’s most vital shared spaces—the bus.

Poetry on Buses workshop in Punjabi, 2016. Photo: Tim Aguero.


Poetry on Buses celebrates local voices. Poems are written by the person across the aisle, that kid in the back, and the professional poet alike. The program began in 1992, was rebooted in 2014, and now, with an expanded partnership, features poems in eight languages across multiple modes of transit.

Your Body of Water

In 2016, we invited King County to explore the theme of water and how it shapes and connects us all. Working with Poet Planner Jourdan Keith, we engaged local communities in multi-lingual poetry workshops. Over 1,600 King County residents submitted original poems— 365 were chosen and now appear on transit and online as part of the “Your Body of Water” collection.

Explore the Poems

Watch for this year's poems as you ride the bus, light rail, and streetcar! You can also watch them unfold online—there's a new poem published every day for one year, along with audio recordings, language translations, and more. Visit

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