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4Culture Announces Live Painting of the World’s Longest Street Art Corridor

23 International and National Artists Will Complete the SODO Track Transformation in July


4Culture launches SODO Track 2018, the third and final summer festival of large-scale mural installations transforming the gateway to Downtown Seattle. Live painting on 15 properties begins July 15 and runs through July 25. The press and the public are invited to witness the artistic process transforming industrial building backs into a world-class art destination.

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Curated by Gage Hamilton, SODO Track’s Lead Artist, this ambitious program features 23 artists, new artist residencies, and a series of public tours and events.

This year’s festival marks the transformation of 2-miles of industrial building backs into the longest contiguous corridor of street art, and the only international urban art gallery to feature the work of over 60 artists on one theme.

The Track is located between the Stadiums and West Seattle Bridge, along 5th Ave South from Royal Brougham Way to to South Spokane Street.


“Over 50,000 people travel through the SODO Track each weekday. We are transforming daily commutes, inspiring first impressions of Seattle, and expanding the possibilities for public art in the 21st century.” – Tamar Benzikry, Senior 4Culture Project Manager

© Andrew Hem, Underwater Squad(detail, in progress), 2017. 1736 4th Ave S, SODO Track, Seattle. Photo by wiseknave.


The 2018 artists represent the U.S. and the world – from Seattle to Sao Paolo, Italy to Taiwan, Australia to Romania. Hometown heroes and renowned internationals paint side-by-side, adding their own spin to the SODO Track theme of Motion, Speed and Progress.


Alex Gardner (Los Angeles)
Angelina Villalobos (Seattle)
Basik (Rimini, Italy)
Brian Sanchez (Seattle)
Celeste Byers (San Diego)
Christopher Derek Bruno (Seattle via Atlanta)
Evah Fan (Los Angeles via Taiwan)
Franco Fasoli (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Fernando Chamarelli (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
Gabriel Marquez (Seattle)
Gage Hamilton (Portland)
Georgia Hill (Sydney, Australia)
Hoxxoh (Miami)
Jeremy Nichols (Portland via Japan)
Jesse Brown (Seattle)
Jillian Evelyn (Los Angeles)
Kristen Ramirez (Seattle)
Numskull (Sydney, Australia)
Rather Severe (Portland)
Ricky Lee Gordon (Los Angeles via South Africa)
Saddo Jdero (Bucharest, Romania)
Yok & Sheryo (New York via Singapore and Australia)

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Public Events

SODO Track Open House, featuring public tours, a reception, and the debut of a Track artist print show and illuminated surprise on Saturday, July 21, 4 – 8 pm at Canvas Event Space, 3412 4th Ave South.

Tour the Track on Tuesday, July 24 at 12:30 pm, start and end at SODO Station.

All events are free and are designed to connect SODO Track artists and the local community.

Artist Residencies

SODO Track artists Christopher Derek Bruno and Celeste Byers will be given the opportunity to expand their artistic practice and experiment with a new medium. Working with expert glass benders for three days at Western Neon School of Art, a Seattle-based non-profit, the artists will produce unique neon artworks to display at the SODO Track Open House on July 21.

Youth Workshops

SODO Track artist Brian Sanchez will lead a series of youth workshops with Urban ArtWorks that will result in a collection of banners for prominent display along the SODO Track. The youth will also work in the studio with Track artists Sheryo and Jesse Brown.


Produced by 4Culture, the project is curated by Gage Hamilton and led by Tamar Benzikry with support from the SODO BIA, King County Metro and Sound Transit, Urban ArtWorks, and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.


Presenting Sponsor: The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. Patron Sponsors: 9th and Thomas, Gull Industries, The Harold E. Stack Family. Friends: American Life, Leavitt Capital, Western Neon, Western Neon School of Art. Culinary Sponsors: Huxley Wallace Collective, Caffe Vita, DRY Soda Co.