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arx duo

Contemporary/Classical Music


Contemporary/Classical Music

Expanding the genre of percussion chamber music, arx duo is dedicated to creating and presenting new works involving percussion, as well as educating young artists striving to engage with audiences through original creations.

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Percussion, at its most elemental, involves striking an object with another object. As refined by arx duo, however, the art of hitting things becomes an intimate, poetic dance of tones and colors.
– Libby Hanssen (The Pitch)

arx duo is one of the most impressive ensembles I have seen in years! Their musicianship, intelligence and superb performance is nothing but astounding. arx duo is not your average chamber experience.
– Stacie Haneline (Artistic Director, Vesper Music Series)

Absolutely wonderful, graceful, and powerful. Apart from remarkable individual talents, arx duo connects in very special way. I hope they realize how rare that is.
– Alejandro Vinao (Composer)



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