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Bad News Botanists

Alternative Jazz


Alternative Jazz

Bad News Botanists dive through a mixture of classic funk and soul music with a modern, synth twist, planting a new cool on instrumental music.

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Bad News Botanists, © 2018 by Shahaan Smith


Bad News Botanists will find fans among the modern “jam band” scene sparked by followers of the Grateful Dead, but their music is more akin to the funky soul born by James Brown and his progeny. Add in the spacey production and shimmer of the 21st Century, a love of cross-genre experimentation, and a youthful sense of urgency and you have the garden of grooves found onVenomous Nightshade.
– Abe Beeson (88.5FM KNKX)

Bad News Botanists, the perfect ear candy to go with that tasty joint! Fronted by Seattle sax man, Frank Vitolo, the jazz inspired instrumentals are guaranteed to leave you in a frenzied yet blissful daze
– Scarlet Park (owner, Artist Support and Networking)

With the launch of their first album Venomous Nightshade in 2017, the Bad News Botanists are making a name for themselves as a quality group of Seattle artists. Their music is just what we need to keep the Seattle nightlife fresh and alive.
– Robin Hess (Respect My Region)