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Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons

American Songsters


American Songsters

Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons trace the backroads of early 20th century American roots. Adored by the festival circuit, this duo has connected with audiences across the country at every type of venue on a mission to strengthen communities through song and to spread the gospel of folk and blues music.

Ben and Joe _by AmberZbitnoff 2014
Ben and Joe, © 2014 by Amber Zbitnoff


Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons aren’t so much a throw-back to the music of the pre-war era songster tradition as they are alchemist-shamans, seemingly sent from those times to the 21st century to wake us up to the music that is embedded deep within us. It isour national heritage. They have been the same wide-eyed children caught by the magic of the songsthey learned from their elders. They have grown to be today’s songsters.
– Terry Roland (No Depression)



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