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Black Stax

"Stacking" All Forms of Black Music


"Stacking" All Forms of Black Music

Black Stax has a unique urban sound that successfully blends and bends myriad genres to defy classification. Their thoughtfully and theatrically produced performances showcase songs that carry messages of social justice and community uplift, backed by recorded tracks or liveband.

Black Stax
Image courtesy of the artist, 2015


Seattle’s Black Stax is quietly leading a movement in the kind of jazz the people can get behind. Expertly flowing influences from 1970s soul, current urban street preacher, pops of high-strutting jazz, and everything in between.
– Examiner.Com

Black Stax is about more than good taste, good times, and good for your soul – although the artists certainly value this in abundance in every performance. Jace ECaj and Loud also weave the currents of the social unrest that temper the good with the injustice, seeking common ground. Their music constantly seeks that common ground, driven by love – and some sick beats that come out of R&B, urban contemporary, definitive jazz, and street-soaked blues.
– Carol Banks Weber (AXS)

Besides their unparalleled sound, what sets Black Stax apart is their ability to put on a memorable live show. Individually they are seasoned performers and collectively they are masters of setting a vibe and moving an audience.
– Katoya Palmer (ToyBox Consulting)

Black stax is a monument to American Music, in as much as, they embody all of the music that was developed here in the States. The jazz, soul, rock and roll (early) and Hip-Hop! They epitomize music before it became segregated in genre’s and express a high quality of unity and union of Sound!
– J Golden Hip Hop Bundini(Gary, Indiana)

Black Stax has renewed my faith in Hip Hop and the message that can be emitted from it. Their message is clear, your brain is powerful and your words transform masses.
– Michele Tooles (The Daring Show-Chicago. IL)


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