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The Cabiri

Aerial, Stilt and Contemporary Dance


Aerial, Stilt and Contemporary Dance

Timeless tales from eras past are danced on towering stilts and twirling silks, marveling audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest with their visually-striking imagery. This troupe's repertoire, based on ancient myth and folklore, also incorporates aerial arts, fire performance and contemporary dance utilizing a freestanding aerial dance stage.

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The Cabiri, © 2014 by Bogdan Darev


Storytelling is what these talented collaborators are all about…there’s a visceral, enchanting power to them.
– Michael Upchurch (Seattle Times)

Attending a performance by The Cabiri means entering a dream world of mysterious archetypes and free-floating associations of the unconscious mind. Although there are elements of a Cirque du Soleil-type show – aerial dancers, trapeze artists, gymnasts and dancers – every Cabiri production is ultimately a spiritual journey.
– Alice Kaderlan (Seattle P-I)

Cabiri’s latest production is an amazing immersive mixture circus, theater, dance, music and lots of aerial aerobatics. This synthesis results in an evening of great entertainment.
– Steven Sieden (Huffington Post)

“Winternacht” is like a pocket version of Cirque de Soleil, as we watch fantastical gymnasts spinning above us. But unlike Cirque, whose productions are more fanciful, Cabiri’s stories derive from ancient foundation tales. The evening is part grad thesis, part cabaret show.
– Sandra Kurtz (Seattle Weekly)

EZID is an epic, acrobatic work where giant hand puppets haunt performers who sweep and spin above the stage suspended by chains and white hoops. The music, a blend of eerie synthetic sounds and pulsing drums, creates an atmosphere that moves between hypnotic and urgently frightening.
– Sarah Stuteville (Seattle Times)



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200