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Vintage Brazilian Jazz


Vintage Brazilian Jazz

Choroloco is a Seattle based acoustic trio specializing in choro, a highly melodic and rhythmic instrumental form of Brazilian popular music.An infusion of heartfelt melodies, jazz harmonies, and syncopated jubilant rhythms.

Choroloco_(c)2014 Al Bergstein
Choroloco, © 2014 by Al Bergstein


Choroloco has been playing at Tempero do Brasil every month and its musicians have lit up the room every time. We have nothing but compliments from our customers who have said how much they enjoyed the atmosphere hearing them. We will definitely recommend Choroloco to any potential customers or events.
– Antonio Ribeiro (Owner, Tempero do Brasil Brazilian restaurant)

Choroloco has become the heart of the choro music community in the Seattle area. They are one of the vibrant representatives of this very challenging style of Brazilian music in the Pacific Northwest.
– Samia Panni (Raízes Brazilian Music Show KBCS 91.3 FM)

Thanks so much for playing! You guys were awesome. It was a great set and I’m really glad you guys could be part of the event. Can’t wait to hear your record.
– Levi Fuller (Jack Straw Productions)



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $250 - $500