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Darrius Willrich

Sweet Urban Soul


Sweet Urban Soul

An internationally acclaimed soul singer, trained jazz pianist and intelligent songwriter, Darrius Willrich delivers feel good music drawn from a wide skill spectrum. His uplifting messages encouraging love of life and his sweetly lyrical, harmonically rich sound have made him a much sought after performer.

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Always strikes with that honesty and delicacy that really defines SOUL music. His mastery is on the run here. Giving groove and poem to the shit that be on everyone’s heart and mind.
– Ishmael Butler (aka Butterfly – Digable Planets/Cherrywine)

Willrich plays in a creamy harmonically sophisticated style on the Fender Rhodes that recalls Chick Corea in the Miles Davis electric band.
– Paul de Barros (Seattle PI)

Delivering songs rich in vocal talent, technique and warm tone, Darrius moves melodies and carries harmonies across a spectrum of soul, blues and R&B.
– Loren Weisman (Producer, Author and Founder of Brain Grenade Entertain)


Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $1200 - up