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Ensemble Eurasia

Silk Road Music and Dance


Silk Road Music and Dance

Ensemble Eurasia presents highly cultural, enchanting Perso-Turkic Music and the lovely Dances of Central Asia, Iran and Caucasus, focusing on Uzbekistan.

Featured image for
Venos Volanti, Mill Creek, 2020. Photo: Grace Emiko Nur Nakamura


Beautifully enchanting costumes together with Highly-Spirited Joyful dances that generate LOVE coming from Soul! -Charlotte Chase of Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association

You guys are infesting JOY by dancing! -Jason Everett, 4Culture Touring Arts Roster adjudicator

Moving Silk Route Dance and Music Museum, that is what you guys are! -Selcin Turkarslan of Turkish-American Community



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200
Negotiable, Nonprofit Discount