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Good Co

Modern Beats Meet Vintage Swing


Modern Beats Meet Vintage Swing

Blending the excitement of a "Roaring 20s" live band with contemporary production techniques like digital sampling and looping, this dynamic young group keeps the music swinging and the people dancing. Good Co performs both jazz and electro swing, as a four to six piece band, featuring male and female vocals, horns and rhythm section.

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Good Co, © 2013 by Colette Yasi-Naraghi


Good Co are talented and fun musicians at the forefront of a new style of music and are set to go far!
– Brian Gardner (San Francisco Concert Promoter and Producer)

I saw Good Co perform and it was perhaps the most fun live show I have been to. The crowd loved them and so did I!Shortly after that I booked them for an event.They have a fun, and friendly performance, and a fresh, ultra-hip vintage dance sound that keeps their fans transported to another time.
– Robert Brown (Abney Park Bandleader and Concert Producer)

I was impressed by how their pre-show communication simplified my work as a producer.They even agreed to learn a new song for one of our local singers to perform with them.Bringing in a band from out of town can be a complicated mess but they are an excellent example of what it means to be professional musicians.I’m happy to say that I’ll be bringing them into town again soon.
– Jason Jenkins (Booking Agent and Producer)

I just can’t get enough of you guys! There just aren’t enough artists out there like yourself. Keep up the amazing work!
– Matt Maher (WLCA Music Director)



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200