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Jim Page

Folk Music Balladeer


Folk Music Balladeer

Five decades of professional performance experience and over 500 songs in his original roster of 24 recordings, Jim Page is an undisputed folk music legend. His songs, full of wit and substance, explore life's real experiences, telling stories about people orevents in our culture and political history.

Jim Page
Image courtesy of the artist, 2015


Jim’s been writing great topical songs for as long as I can remember, bringing his acute wit and wry humor to a host of subjects that can really use both. In the tradition of Woody and Dylan, he cuts right to the heart with music you actually enjoy listening to. I’m a longtime admirer.
– Bonnie Raitt

Jim Page’s songs get right to the point. He looks at the world clearly and reports what he sees with compassion, humor and a biting sense of irony. And boy! can he sing and play. If you’re ever going to get the message, this is the messenger to get it from.
– U. Utah Phillips

Searing, compassionate lyrics, with an always rightfully placed ironic or humorous note, Jim Page’s words, like his music, are for both the mind and soul. He urges us to live our lives to their fullest, and, reassures those who do.
– Winona LaDuke



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