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Letters Aloud

Private in public.


Private in public.

Real letters by real people, read by great actors. If TED Talks and Drunk History had a baby, it would be us. We make history come to life by reading amazing letters from famous people. (Plus, we have an accordion.)

Featured image for
Letters Aloud Company, Northshore Performing Arts Center, 2019, Photo by Susan Doupe.


Connoisseurs of other people’s communiques…reciting eloquent missives by renowned figures.
-Misha Berson, Seattle Times

It makes you reflect on the world and your own life and our personal connection to history.
-Nancy Guppy, host of Seattle Channel’s ArtZone

A masterful job bringing letters to life through accent and attitude. I grinned all the way home!
-Delta Wind



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $1200 - up