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Marina Albero

Ancient melodies, vibrant rhythms


Ancient melodies, vibrant rhythms

Albero's music takes the audience on a journey through time and space from her Barcelona hometown to Morocco, Cuba, Persia, Brazil and the U.S. Her life experiences thread through her compositions and improvisations, encompassing early music, Flamenco, Jazz and Classical.

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Marina Albero, 2018, photo by Elliot Fisher


Albero’s versatile piano style can transcend genre or conform to an identifiable form. Underlying it all is a love for improvisation that has been greatly impacted by American jazz music.
– Paul Rauch, Earshot Magazine

Marina Albero is a piano virtuoso. At times it seems like she’s playing the most polished standards – like she’s memorized Mozart back and front – but in fact she’s actually improvising.
– Jake Uiti, Artist Home

The listener can hear a world of music in her playing, from jazz, to classical, to flamenco, and undeniably, the afro cuban rhythms that are so foundational in jazz music.
– All about jazz

An inventive and effusive pianist and composer.
– KNKX jazz public radio

Boundless virtuosity and spirit abound in the piano bass duo of Marina Albero and Jeff Johnson.
– The Stranger



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Performance Fee: $500 - $1200
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