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Naomi Wachira

Afro-Folk Singer Songwriter


Afro-Folk Singer Songwriter

Naomi Wachira makes music plucked from her lifeandimbued with a sense of hope. With her Afro infused rhythms and simple lyrics, she has sought to make a positive mark in the world, by reminding us that no matter our differences, we are all alike in our existence.

Naomi Wachira_by Jason Tang©2015
Naomi Wachira, © 2015 by Jason Tang


When music can feel homogeneous, thank the good lord we have someone like Naomi Wachira in Seattle. She lifts hearts. Her eyes are as pure as any. Her lyrics shine. Her message: adore life, do not embrace violence, learn and love. Music is, in fact, the glue to this joyous way of living. So listen up!
– DList Magazine

Whether she’s tackling difficult issues like domestic violence or social justice, singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira strives to tell her audience a story in a respectful, dignified and honest way. Naomi draws from her personal experiences and plunges into the depths of vulnerability to narrate her struggles and transformation, making each song she writes feel like an intimate invitation to her trust and friendship. While her passion for music is palpable, her belief in every word she sings is best validated watching her live, when she becomes so absorbed in her lyrics that you have no choice but to re-live the story with her.If ever I witnessed a person that was living their purpose, surely that moment was meeting Naomi.
– Leslie Schipper (DisFunkshion Magazine)

Naomi’s music carries grace, authenticity, positivity, and acoustic rhythms that blends western and Africanmelodies that is sure to touch your soul!
– LivingMa’at Magazine



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