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Nic Masangkay

Spoken word with Pop music


Spoken word with Pop music

Singer-songwriter, music producer, and poet Nic Masangkay offers multimedia performances of up to an hour featuring music, film, and spoken word poetry. Masangkay’s art speaks to chronic illness and disability, queerness and gender-nonconformity, Filipino diaspora and racism, and surviving abuse.

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Nic Masangkay, photographed for the 4Culture Arc Artist Fellowship, 2019, Photo by Sunita Martini


8 Pieces Of LGBT Spoken Word Poetry That Will Leave You Speechless
– Sarah Karlan, Buzzfeed

The producer and songwriter [Nic Masangkay] is known for their collaborations in the Seattle area and unique production style. Constructing songs with other Seattle musicians not only with heart and creativity yet with compassion to create something lasting in the world. Making Forever”not just a raw story about the uncertainty of the future and the overwhelming concern and joy of loving someone wholly but making Forever a testament of song to survivors.
– Sasha Gonzalez, Distinction Music Management

The whole evening of Adept is a powerhouse, from the poetry of [Tara] Hardy to the strange comedy of [Leah Lakshmi] Piepzna-Smarasinha to the music of Nic Masangkay, whose tweaky synth-pop with overlaid vocals is in the style of Reggie Watts.
– Brendan Kiley, Seattle Times



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200
Negotiable, Nonprofit Discount