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NOBI (Never Obey Blind Individuals)

Genre-Breaking, Jazz-Influenced Rap


Genre-Breaking, Jazz-Influenced Rap

Nobi, the genre-bending, multifaceted recording artist, creates not easily defined music of elite-level lyricism that displays incredible crowd control. With fellow saxophonist and producer, theDGTL, they mesmerize their audiences- from local coffee-shop settings to rocking some of the largest venues.

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Nobi, Seattle WA, 2020, Photo by Roman Rivera


Nobi chops and dices weighty bars like a seasoned sous chef at dinner rush — meticulous, impassioned and unflinching as he fillets institutionalized racism on songs like “New Chains.” -Michael Rietmulder, Seattle Times

Fulminate is such a powerful album title and highlights your message about how important it is for each of us to use our platforms to have uncomfortable, necessary conversations. -Ashleigh Rogers, Tumbleweird Magazine

Fulminate is a chemical reaction like explosion that produces intense light, heat, and energy. It also means to protest something completely, fully, and with your very all and essence. These two attributes are what Nobi possesses and they are what make him such a dynamic, explosive, and expressive M.C. -Josh Rizeberg, Razor Tongue Media



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200
Negotiable, Nonprofit Discount