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Notable Journey

Original acoustic folk and jazz


Original acoustic folk and jazz

Notable Journey performs a panoply of styles ranging from jazz to folk to pop. Bhaj Townsend and Gordon Currie create an intimate musical experience that takes the listener on an excursion through an array of styles, moods and emotions.

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Notable Journey, 2018, photo by John Curry.


As a DJ, I divide music in two genres: Good music and bad music. Notable Journey shines in the Good Music category. They are a little jazzy with the heart of folk and the soul of strings. It’s a pleasure sharing a stage or playing them on air. -Maryanne ‘Auntmama’ Moorman/Storyteller, KBCS

Such gifted accomplished players, with intricate arrangements, like thoughtful choreography. Sweet delight. -Marilyn Jordan/Songwriter, performer

Acoustic duo Bhaj Townsend and Gordon Currie offer a calming, acoustic and decidedly hi-touch sound… Their music is easy on the ears, with the instrumental Distant Bells being a perfect example. It’s also a display of some superior fretwork that delivers speed, accuracy and dynamics that are a real pleasure to hear. -Music Connection, Jan 2019



Performance Fee: $250 - $500