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Rat City Brass

Mid-century Instrumental Pop


Mid-century Instrumental Pop

Rat City Brass is Seattle's premier Tijuana Brass tribute band. Their high powered sound and silky smooth tunes add sizzle and charm to your party, wedding, mitzvah - dancing always strongly suggested.

Rat City Brass_©2014 John Cornicello
Rat City Brass, © 2014 by John Cornicello


With top-notch musicianship, soaring melodies, rocking rhythms and cool breezy stage presence Rat City Brass is guaranteedto raise smiles from old-school music aficionados and jaded hipsters alike.
– Pete Seazle (West Seattle Funblog)

The key for this show is to dance like no one is watching. You cannot stand still while listening to this music.
– Nick Larzalere (SSG Music)

These dudes rock the brass like you always wished your high school band would.
– Inside Right Wrist blog

The sound that resonates from every instrument of Rat City Brass is astounding.
– Lindsay Scully (SSG Music)


Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200