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Sebastian and the Deep Blue

Pop, Indie Big Band


Pop, Indie Big Band

Sebastian and the Deep Blue is an Experimental Funk Pop Orchestra with full brass and string section. Theyare a high-energy, horn-powered, Afrobeat inspired alternative rock and roll band. Artful arrangements combine with pop sensibilities to create a sound which is undeniably their own.

Sebastian and the Deep Blue _©2014 Erika Sebastian
Sebastian and the Deep Blue, © 2014 by Erika Sebastian


The seven-piece is tight despite many moving parts. The drums are big, the horns proud, the violin playful and the guitars funky. Think: R.E.M. meets The Pixies.
– Jake Uittie (the Monarch Review/KEXP)

This is really, really good. This is coming out of Seattle, too?! The band’s debut full length,Plastic Parts, is out now and it’s an album chock full of an impressive lot of songs that will stick with you long after you listen.
– Sean DeToure (Kiro Radio/The MixTape)

Really cool to see live!
– Marco Collins (Jet City Stream/KEXP/The END)


Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200