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Splinter Dance Company

Dance for Social Change


Dance for Social Change

This global touring company promotes awareness of community issues with youthful energy and enthusiasm through dance, music and drama. Their interpretation of the healing principle of 'unity in diversity' helps to inspire positive social change by offering personalized mentorships and outreach programs.

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Splinter Dance Company, © by Chris Yetter


Splinter Dance is a young troupe that portrays weighty topics like domestic abuse, war, and racial prejudice with an emotional power that would be the envy of any seasoned company.
– Julia Hensley

Words cannot describe how amazing the Splinter Dance Company’s performance was! It was so inspired and exciting …the whole room was spellbound! Thanks again to your troupe for ‘stealing the show!’ We loved it !!!!
– Leslie Ann Wheatley, Event Chair

THANK YOU!!!! we LOVED you guys *so* much. You inspired us completely! Columbia Burbank High School thanks you!
– Kevin

I love dance! Splinter has increased my respect for the art form and helps me continue to walk through this world mindfully and with compassion. I discovered Splinter Dance Company’s open to the public classes nearly 5 years ago as a new co-parenting, single mom in search of something personally meaningful. My daughter was welcome to come with me when I had her, at first enjoying her own activities during classes, and now, at eight years old, participating in the classes. The classes and performances we attend inspire both of us to do our best and be our best, on the dance floor and in all aspects of our life. Thank you Splinter!– Amy & Ruby (Splinter Groupies)



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $1200 - up