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theDGTL and Friends

Hip-Hop and Electronic Music


Hip-Hop and Electronic Music

Centered around saxophonist, artist, and hip hop/electronic producer theDGTL, this eclectic and genre blending experience often calls upon frequent collaborators to the Seattle based artist and producer.

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theDGTL, 2021, James Gerde


2021 is looking bright for theDGTL as he continues one-upping himself. Making moves with his longtime consigliere and fellow beatsmith Vito Maserati, theDGTL will have plenty to keep us laced with as we flip the calendar. -Nate Hodge, Razor Tongue Media

The DGTL – Catalyst Labs Studio has been busy this year brewing with the new wave of Seattle rap cats. I’ve watched Jacob Hillard, aka The DGTL, cook up a beat in the same amount of time as it took me to order an Uber and for the driver to arrive, and it slapped too. There’s no question in my mind that 2020 will be a spectacular year for our eardrums thanks to The DGTL and all of the talented rappers who have blessed his beats. -Taylor Hart, Respect My Region



Performance Fee: $250 - $500
Negotiable, Nonprofit Discount