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Anis Gisele

2019 Arc Fellow

Anis Gisele writes about race, gender-expansiveness, violence, and accountable love.

Anis Gisele. Photo by Sunita Martini, 2019. Artworks © 2019 Leah Gerrard.

About the Artist

Anis Gisele is a bright light, a poet, a survivor, a riot, and a believer of anger and disobedience as an Azn femme. They are the recipient of fellowships and awards from VONA/Voices, Everyday Feminism, King County’s Equity and Social Justice Initiative, 4Culture, Artist Trust, Hugo House, Jack Straw Cultural Center, and other institutions, both marvelous and complicated. They come from Manila, Philippines and from so many women who were told to be quiet.

Current Work

Anis is working on their first full-length poetry collection, with support from Artist Trust, Hugo House, and 4Culture. They are available for performances, workshops, and revolutions.

More Information

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