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Nic Masangkay

2019 Arc Fellow

Nic Masangkay uses music and poetry to realize a better world.

Nic Masangkay. Photo by Sunita Martini, 2019. Artwork © 2019 Leah Gerrard.

About the Artist

Poet, singer-songwriter, music producer, and audio engineer Nic Masangkay offers an arts perspective uniquely their own. According to Buzzfeed, their spoken word “will leave you speechless” and according to Distinction Music Management, Masangkay’s music is “pop beats with meaningful lyrics…about desirability politics, gender identity, and living in diaspora.” No matter the medium, Masangkay’s raw talent and fierce sincerity always leaves audiences moved and inspired.

Current Work

Nic Masangkay’s creative practice blends quality in, not only the finished work itself, but the transformative potential within the work’s process. They prioritize anti-oppression values as they create, focusing on community-building, equity, and disability justice. Their creative practice is forward-thinking yet simultaneously recalls the work of their ancestral healing lineage. Currently, Nic is finishing DARK AT DUSK: The Final Suicide, their forthcoming EP of music as an Artist Assistance Program Resident at Jack Straw Cultural Center and a 4Culture Arc Artist Fellow. The EP, set to debut in June, follows a multimedia show of the same title at Gay City Arts.

More Information

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