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Sadiqua Iman

2019 Arc Fellow

Sadiqua creates art to reflect injustices while actively working to dismantle the oppressive systems that have perpetuated them.

Sadiqua Iman. Photo by Sunita Martini, 2019.

About the Artist

Sadiqua Iman builds bridges across many different artistic and institutional disparities. She uses dance, theatre, and poetry to deconstruct complex issues and boil them down to the bare bones of healing as a community in order to move forward as a nation. Sadiqua is the Artistic Director of Earth Pearl Collective, a non-profit organization of queer black womyn dedicated to healing their communities through creative collaborations. Sadiqua is most well known for her work as Namii, a gender-queer burlesque performer and drag king that weaves politics, sexual liberation, and comedy together to seduce audiences to constantly evolve.

Current Work

Earth Pearl Collective has two projects underway. One is the opening of their new healing arts center Nile’s Edge located in Seattle’s Central District neighborhood, that will serve as an incubator space for healing artists to grow their practices. Earth Pearl is also working on turning their production of “Tail Feather” into a documentary series on black female masculinity.

More Information

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