Goodbye Josh!

How well do you know Josh Heim?
Last month the 4Culture staff said goodbye to Joshua Heim, who started a new and exciting chapter as Executive Director at the Western Arts Alliance, a membership association supporting performing arts throughout the Western states.

We can’t thank Josh enough for his service to 4Culture! He started his tenure just a few months before the pandemic hit, coming on board exactly three years ago. He played an instrumental role in providing stability, vision, and a way forward during crisis, as we created a new structure and practice to manage federal dollars through a significant Relief and Recovery program.

Many of you know Josh as a dedicated arts leader and advocate, either from his time with us, or with the City of Bellevue and Redmond. But how well do you really know him? Take the quiz we took at his going away party. We’ll let you know how well you scored.

We are going to miss you Josh! Thanks for all your dedication to 4Culture and wishing you the best as you start this new chapter in your career.

(Answers: 1-C, three years; 2-B, Avocado Toast; 3-B, OEFA; 4-C, Manages an Air BnB; 5-C, Michelle Obama; 6 Office of Economic and Financial Analysis)