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The Acrobatic Conundrum

Contemporary Circus Company


Contemporary Circus Company

This premier contemporary circus arts company creates performance experiences that engage and amaze audiences. Dedicated to a vision of human courage, connection and collaboration, they tell stories utilizing aerial artists, acrobats, masterful dancers and graceful manipulators of objects.

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Acrobatic Conundrum, © 2018 by Marc Hoffman


They call themselves Acrobatic Conundrum – but the only real conundrum they present is the question of how they do what they do…”Love and Gravity” is a feast of acrobatics, juggling, mime, contortionism, and dance.
– Michael Upchurch (The Seattle Times)

This is the essence of modern circus: intimate and personal, a combination of impressive physical skills and emotional storytelling. It’s visceral like modern dance and clever like avant-garde theatre – and a far cry from the ideas of circus that still prevail in America.
– Gemma Wilson (City Arts Magazine)

Anyone longing for a unique theatrical experience, featuring a masterful group of artists who trash formulaic and traditional methods, and take astonishing physical risks with precision, narrative, and perception, must see this extraordinary company perform.
– Judy Finelli (Spectacle Magazine)

Conundrum provides a fresh take on dance and circus arts. While “Love and Gravity” may not have been as familiarly structured as most contemporary dance, it offered delights unique from contemporary and classical dance. Love [and Gravity] explored gender dynamics and emotion with heart and honesty through movement. Acrobatic Conundrum puts its trust in the talents and strength – physical and artistic – of its artists, and that trust is well-founded.
– Megan Stevenson (Seattle Dances)

[Artistic Director] Terry [Crane] is a true artistic force and leads a troupe of exceptional circus performers. Acrobatic Conundrum pushes the envelope as they work outside of the box, mixing modern choreography, theatre, and new circus arts to create thoughtful and entertaining work.
– Reenie Duff (Associate Artistic Director, Teatro ZinZanni)

It felt tremendous to be in the audience … treated to such an authentic, strange, and beautiful performance by the Acrobatic Conundrum. The show was a true ensemble show, a seamless evening of circus-physical-theater, which I guess you could call “contemporary circus”. But I think by calling it “contemporary,” one loses the timelessness of really darn good narrative, of humans struggling with human themes of humor and absurdity.
Ben Wendel (Duo Madrona)


Performance Fee: $250 - $500