Preservation Sustained Support
Deadline: Fall 2018  
Brandi Link 206 263.1593
2015 Steamer Virginia V, photo by Heron Scott, courtesy of the Steamer Virginia V Foundation

© 2015 Steamer Virginia V, photo by Heron Scott, courtesy of the Steamer Virginia V Foundation
2016 Preservation Sustained Support recipient

A growing number of engaged, effective King County organizations and municipal agencies are dedicated to historic preservation - the stewardship of significant buildings, structures, districts and designed landscapes. Their efforts contribute to the creative economy, promote tourism, and encourage greater appreciation of the built environment.

4Culture's Preservation Sustained Support program provides predictable levels of operating funds in two-year cycles. Everyday costs such as rent, salaries, marketing and utilities qualify as eligible expenses under Preservation Sustained Support. The purpose of this funding is to make preservation services and programs more broadly available and accessible to all populations within King County.

In 2016, 19 organizations with a focus on the preservation of King County’s historic places received operating support totaling $90,000 for the second year of the 2015-16 biennium. A portion of Lodging Tax revenues collected in King County provides the funding for this program.

Updated Guidelines and Application for 2019-2020 will be posted 2 months before the deadline

Who Can Apply

King County-based nonprofit organizations and municipalities that provide historic preservation services and programs to the public 

Eligible Applicants Include:

Nonprofit organizations (including public development authorities) with:
  • A primary mission to preserve one or more historic properties
  • A two-year operating history stewarding historic property, assisting owners with the preservation of historic property, or conducting programs that interpret the built environment for the citizens of King County
  • Financial accountability, as reflected in financial statements

Only one application per funding cycle is allowed to 4Culture Sustained Support programs. Applicants must choose only one program among Preservation, Heritage, or Arts Sustained Support.

Municipalities with:
  • A historic preservation program established by city ordinance, or historic preservation services contracted through interlocal agreement to the King County Historic Preservation Program (KCHPP)
  • City staff dedicated part or full time to historic preservation tasks, including but not limited to overseeing historic surveys, landmark designations, design review, and public education.

What Gets Funded


Preservation Sustained Support funding may be used for:

  • Annual operating expenses relating to preservation programs and services that provide public benefit and are accessible to King County residents and visitors
  • Staff salaries, utilities, supplies, consultant fees, or services

Preservation Sustained Support funding may not be used for:

  • Capital construction projects
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Fundraising expenses


Application Deadline: Fall 2018


Competitive selection process and review criteria 

The Review Process

Recommendations for funding will be made by a review panel comprised of professionals from the field, community representatives, and members of the 4Culture Historic Preservation Advisory Committee. The panel's recommendations will be forwarded to the 4Culture Board for final approval.


Professional Qualifications & Standards
  • Professional staff with background and training in historic preservation or a closely related field
  • Professional standards adopted by the governing board, including policies and procedures relating to historic preservation, resource management, or operations
Quality & Diversity of Programs
  • Quality and impact of programming related to historic preservation
  • Diversity and reach of programs available to the public
Public Benefit / Audiences Served / Accessibility
  • Accessibility of services, including open hours of facilities
  • Geographic service areas
  • Community outreach, including efforts to expand or diversify audience, membership, staff, and leadership
  • Number of active volunteers
  • Number of citizens served by programs
Preservation Priorities
  • Tangible contribution to the preservation or interpretation of King County's built environment
  • Focus on resources that represent neglected aspects of King County's built environment, including those defined by theme, ethnicity or geography
  • The measure of community support for an organization as reflected in its financial statements, including monetary and in-kind contributions from volunteers, the community, and/or partnering governments
  • The proportion or percentage of the applicant's budget devoted to preservation services and programs


Review criteria for MUNICIPALITIES:

Commitment of local government
  • Staff time dedicated to historic preservation
  • Annual investment in preservation activity
Volume and impact of activity, as reflected in
  • Survey/inventory
  • Landmark designations
  • Design review
Additional program offerings, such as
  • Design and technical assistance
  • Grant-making programs
  • Interpretive programs, tours, or events related to preservation
Community engagement, as reflected in
  • Advocacy efforts
  • Partnerships
  • Volunteerism
Community outreach
  • Efforts to expand or diversify audiences served
  • Efforts to diversify property types recognized through surveys and designations
  • Efforts to diversify commission/board leadership
Questions about eligibility? Contact Brandi Link at 206 263.1593.


Funding from 4Culture programs is awarded on a competitive basis. Opportunities are available to help applicants prepare good applications:

  • Attend an application preparation workshop
  • Schedule an appointment with staff to discuss your organization and application.
  • Applications from previous year are available for review at the 4Culture offices.
  • Preview application narrative questions prior to applying. (In order to view the entire application, you must create or already have an account with 4Culture.) [Orgs | Cities]


Requirements and Appeals

Learn about the legal requirements of award recipients, and about the process for appeal of a 4Culture award here.

Public Benefit Requirement

4Culture contracts with all recipients of Preservation Sustained Support funds to provide one or more types of "public benefit" for the funds received.

Public Benefits provided by awardees may include, but are not limited to:
  • Free admissions, open hours or public access to historic sites and facilities
  • Free or discounted rental or use of facilities by public agencies or nonprofit cultural organizations conducting public benefit activities
  • Educational opportunities for public school students, historic property owners, and the general public
  • Services to governmental agencies including city parks, planning, transportation, or economic development agencies
  • Creation and free distribution of hard copy and electronic resource materials, including publications, audio and video, research files, and documents provided to libraries, museums, tourist agencies, and/or over social media platforms
  • Development of professional practices and adoption of standards that improve public access to historic places, provide technical assistance or training opportunities in best practices, or that enhance management and protection of historic places
  • Audience development, diversification of services, and enhancement of public accessibility through ADA improvements, services to underserved populations, or community outreach efforts
  • Management of collections or protection of resources relating to King County's built environment, including landmarked properties and historic neighborhoods

On-Site Review Program

4Culture administers an On-Site Review program in order to acquire detailed, qualitative assessments regarding the community impact of programming offered by Preservation Sustained Support recipients.

A group of reviewers composed of professionals from the field and community representatives will attend events and programs offered by the award recipients. These reviewers provide written reports based on the program's review criteria.

For other award requirements see the "Manage Your Award" tab.

Questions about uses of funds or public benefit? Contact Brandi Link at 206 263.1593.

Ready to Apply

How to submit your online application 

STEP 1 - Read all of the above sections
STEP 2 - Prepare your information

Applications are submitted using 4Culture’s online form. This section contains information on the support materials you are required to submit with the online application.

Support Materials for Nonprofit Organizations and Development Authorities

You are REQUIRED to submit the following with your application:
  • IRS 990 information – You must make sure your account profile is up-to-date with information for the previous two years.
  • Board and Staff Rosters - A roster of your organization's board members, their terms and affiliations, as well as a list of key staff members engaged in preservation activities and services.
  • Event List - A list of your organization's events, programs, and/or primary activities from the last 12 months (include date or date range, location, and estimated attendance).

Support Materials for Municipalities

You are REQUIRED to submit the following during the "upload" step of the online application, in Word or PDF formats only:
  • Board and Staff Rosters - A list of commissioners/board members, their terms and affiliations, as well as a list of staff dedicated to historic preservation services, including the percentage of time allocated.
  • Budget - A one-page budget showing historic preservation program-related revenue and expenditures for the last two fiscal years.
  • Preservation Plan - Any recently completed municipal plan that addresses historic preservation. Please submit only the portion of the plan that relates to historic preservation, and limit to 10 pages.

Note: The online application system will not allow uploads of individual files larger than 2MB. If submitting a municipal plan larger than 2MB, you may mail or deliver a hard copy to 4Culture offices by the deadline date. Please address the envelope:

Attn: Brandi Link
4Culture / Preservation
101 Prefontaine Pl S
Seattle, WA 98104

Staff WILL NOT ACCEPT any application materials by email or after the posted deadline.

STEP 3 - Begin your online application

Note: Once you have started the process of applying online, you can save the information you have entered in each step, sign out, and return to your application any time before the deadline to continue working or to make changes. To access an application you have already started, go to and enter your username and password, then select the application you would like to work on under "Continue working on your draft applications."

IMPORTANT: Once you click "submit" you will not be able to make any changes to your application, but you will still be able to read, save and print it.

For technical questions about the online application system, contact staff member Brandi Link at 206 263.1593.

This funding opportunity is currently closed. We will reopen the application for this opportunity at least 6 weeks before the next deadline.

Scheduled Workshops

All applicants are encouraged to attend a workshop prior to submitting your application. These free workshops provide you an opportunity to ask questions, understand specific guidelines, and be taken through a step-by-step review of the application process.

There are no scheduled workshops at this time. Check back 6 weeks before the deadline for schedule of workshops.


Organization City Award
Alliance for Pioneer SquareSeattle$6,000
City of BothellBothell$5,000
City of KirklandKirkland$2,500
City of SeattleSeattle$11,000
Docomomo WEWASeattle$5,000
Friends of Magnuson ParkSeattle$2,500
Friends of MukaiVashon$2,000
Friends of Seattle's Olmsted ParksSeattle$4,000
Historic SeattleSeattle$13,750
Kubota Garden FoundationSeattle$2,500
M. V. Lotus FoundationSeattle$1,000
Seattle Architectural FoundationSeattle$5,000
Seattle Chinatown-ID Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda)Seattle$7,750
Steamer Virginia V FoundationSeattle$8,000
University Heights Center for the Community AssociationSeattle$6,000
Vincent Schoolhouse Historic Preservation SocietyCarnation$750
Volunteer Park TrustSeattle$2,500
Washington Trust for Historic PreservationSeattle$13,750


Organization City Award
Alliance for Pioneer Square Seattle $5,000
City of Bothell Landmark Preservation Board Bothell $2,500
City of Kirkland Kirkland $2,500
City of Seattle Historic Preservation Program Seattle $11,000
Docomomo WEWA Seattle $4,500
Dunn Gardens Seattle $1,250
Friends of Magnuson Park Seattle $2,500
Friends of Mukai Vashon $1,000
Friends of Seattle's Olmsted Parks Seattle $4,000
Friends of the Conservatory Seattle $3,000
Friends of the Market Seattle $1,000
Historic Seattle Seattle $12,000
Kubota Garden Foundation Seattle $2,500
Seattle Architectural Foundation Seattle $5,000
Seattle Chinatown-ID Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda) Seattle $7,500
Steamer Virginia V Foundation Seattle $7,000
University Heights Center for the Community Association Seattle $5,000
Vincent Schoolhouse Historic Preservation Society Carnation $750
Washington Trust for Historic Preservation Seattle $12,000


Organization District Award
Alliance for Pioneer Square 8 $5,000
City of Bothell Landmark Preservation Board 1 $2,500
City of Kirkland 6 $2,500
Docomomo WEWA 4 $4,500
Friends of Magnuson Park 1 $2,500
Friends of Mukai 8 $1,000
Friends of Seattle's Olmstead Parks 1,2,3,4 $4,000
Friends of the Conservatory 2 $3,000
Historic Seattle 8 $10,000
Kubota Garden Foundation 2 $2,500
Steamer Virginia V Foundation 4 $7,000
Seattle Architectural Foundation 4 $5,000
Seattle Chinatown-ID Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda) 8 $7,500
Vincent Schoolhouse Historic Preservation Society 3 $750
Washington Trust for Historic Preservation 8 $12,000

If you've been approved to receive 4Culture historic preservation funding, here's what to expect


4Culture will notify you of your award after it has been approved by our Board of Directors. Typically this is two months after the application deadline. The contact person listed in the application will be sent an email about the award.


In order to be awarded your funds, you must sign a contract with 4Culture. The contract outlines the services you will provide and the public benefit as described in your application. In an effort to make our contract process simpler and reduce our impact on the environment, 4Culture will provide your contract documents electronically.

Once your Scope of Service and Public Benefit have been developed, 4Culture prepares a contract for your review and signature. When it is ready, you will receive an e-mail from us through DocuSign. This email will contain a link to your documents, and you can review and electronically sign your contract. You will not be able to make changes to the contract, but if there is an error or you need to request changes, please contact Dana Phelan 206 263.1604.

After you have electronically signed your contract, and have returned any requested forms (such as a completed W-9 Form), 4Culture will also electronically sign your contract. Then, DocuSign will automatically e-mail you a signed, digital copy of your contract to keep for your permanent records.

During the Year

Take photos: We will ask for 5-8 publishable images documenting events and activities for use by 4Culture to publicize its funding programs.

Acknowledge 4Culture funding: Include prominent acknowledgement of 4Culture funding on your website, brochures, press releases, programs, posters, flyers, advertisements, signage, etc.

On-site Evaluation: You will be contacted during the year by Bret Fetzer, 4Culture's on-site review coordinator. A friendly reviewer will be sent to one of your events or activities. The reviewer's comments will be considered by 4Culture panelists in the next round of Sustained Support funding.

Promote your 4Culture funded project using our Media Kit. Find out what’s required, what you can do and how we can help.

Getting Paid

Once your 4Culture contract is signed by you and by 4Culture, your new grant will be listed in your account at under the Manage Awards section. To be reimbursed, follow the “Request Payment” link next to the contract and complete the Payment Request form. We do not provide payment upfront; all 4Culture awards are made on a reimbursable basis. Sustained Support payments are made at the end of each year.

Please submit a 4Culture invoice for the full amount of your award in December. When you submit your invoice, you’ll provide a brief written evaluation describing the specific services and benefits provided to the public during the year, as outlined in your contract’s Scope of Service

In order to receive your payment and close out your contract you must upload attachments for all deliverables noted in the Scope of Service and Public Benefit section in your agreement, including:

  • Final current year organizational budget
  • 5-8 digital images documenting your activities. For information on our image criteria, please review our Photo Documentation Guidelines.
  • Examples of acknowledgement of 4Culture support
  • Any additional requirements identified in your contract’s Scope of Service

Once you have submitted your Payment Request electronically, your program manager is notified by the system – you do not need to email us. He or she will review and approve the invoice, and we will send you a check (usually within 14 days). If any of the forms are filled out incorrectly, we will contact you.

Stay in touch with us

We’re proud to support your work. We look forward to learning about your accomplishments and featuring stories about you in our communications. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, contact Dana Phelan at 206 263.1604 for assistance.