Congratulations to all the individuals, groups, and organizations across King County who have received a 4Culture grant or commission! We’re proud to support your incredible work.

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2019 Arts Projects - Individuals

NameProject TitleAwardGrant NameYearDistrict
Myers, JesseCommissioning New Music for Piano, Electronics, and Visuals by Local Composers$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Kuehner, Jody (dba Cherdonna)Half-Life$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Rossi, LorenzoWhat We Say In Cars$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Moon, MinDancing with Seoul$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20199
Abid, HumairaSearching For Home (Additional works and touring the show)$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20199
Thibault, KathrynExpanding access to 3D technologies for art practice$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20196
Alonso-Rodriguez, JuanDesert Sculptures$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Bynum, Vania CExcerpts From the Soul of A Woman - Queens of the Military$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20196
Hoggatt, Tina (dba Tina Hoggatt Writer/ Illustrator)Creating a Practice, In The Studio With KidLit Author/Illustrators$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20199
Danielson, ShakiahThe Roster Summer Hip Hop Series$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20195
Hurst Frye, MelindaThe Forest Floor$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20191
McNeal, MiaUndefinable$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20195
Nelson, JohnMusic Inspired by Performances at Seattle Children's Hospital (working title)$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Boscardin, AndrewZubatto Syndicate: Ela$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Bassingthwaighte, SarahBuilding Bridges Not Walls$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Kurtz, KatieCLASS OF ’91: The true story of one girl who survived her teenage years and three who didn’t$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Taylor, John ArnoldMr Zig Zag at the Duwamish Cafe$ 2,500Arts Projects - Individuals20199
Nimocks, Joyce MariaThe Amy Ashwood Chronicles$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Mohajerjasbi, ZiaKnow Your Place - Feature Film$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20191
Marshall, Lauren (dba Theater of Possibility)Abraham's Land$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Caramat, DianaASMRtists for Social Good!$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Johnson, ClareTiny House Village Coloring Project$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Gimpelevich, CalvinResin$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Reed, Christina CarlyleReflection/White Gaze$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Boshnack, SamanthaUncomfortable Subjects$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
La Faye Banks, Adrienne (dba The Alasea Network)Portraits of Forgotten Women$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Mlasowsky, AnnaNever Odd or Even$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Mc, SalomeGlasses, Scarves and Red Apples$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20191
Changnon, LaunaI'm sorry for your loss - Installation$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Cohen, LisaWhy I Did It: Former Bullies Speak Out$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Grad, AaronHoney-sweet we sing for you$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Lilienthal, Etta (dba Container)Silfurá$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Maine, MichaelWe Out Here Exhibition and Festival$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Jimenez, EileenLino Magic in the 'Hood$ 2,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Daniel, KamariaSyrup & Dandi: The RPG$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Ford, RandyQueen Street$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Coyle, KathleenWatercolor classes for seniors and adults$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Yan, VannraSONS OF ANGKOR$ 2,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Mikluscak Champoux, AmberCapitol Hill Free Store$ 2,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Hobson, Cyra Jane (dba Cyra Jane)A Katabasis$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Freidberg, JillLimitless: Stories from the Neighborhood that Shaped this City$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Kelly, DylanYoung People's Take on Life in Modern Iran; A Presentation of Original Photography Taken in the Nation of Iran$ 2,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
TwoBulls, JacintheHaida Spruce Root Basketry$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20191
Pruiksma, ThomasThe Driftwood Bridge: A Gaybaret$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Gosti, Alice (dba Gostia LLC)Where is home$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Coss, MaryWitness$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Mohibullah, HumaMuslim Reject: Faith, family and choosing love after 9/11$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Soldi, RafaelBook: Imagined Futures$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Yusuf, AngieTell Me More$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20193
Diaz, Gabriel Bello (dba Efficio)Hyena Culture - Art Seires$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Tran, Bao (DBA Beimo Films LLC)The Paper Tigers$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20195
Trejo Savani, ElspethCuba Linda (working title)$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20191
McKinney, Filiz EfeAccent: Your Voice is Your Passport$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Liang, HongzhePerhaps...$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Kravas, HeatherSolid Objects$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Davis, Kiana (dba Tree Root Strong Publishing LLC)Unyielding Roots Poetry Project$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20199
Ross-Gotta, CiceliaFeel Just Like Home - Darcy Glander$ 2,500Arts Projects - Individuals20191
Icasiano, ChristopherProvinces$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Pavićević, TatjanaMOAB etching series$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Franklin, MoniqueMama'z Muezz Show & Soundtrack$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Hagan, Abigail“Punderneath It All” Documentary Film$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20191
Keyser, Marijkeweathered$ 2,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
de Monteflores, EstherThe Bug Collector$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Kumata, MichelleThe Japanese Brazilian Diaspora$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Mottaghinejad, Sarah (dba Ink and Awl)Guidebook to Knots for Humans$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Camara, NabyNaby Camara Traditional Guinean Music CD$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
DeLeon, CeceliaBeautification for White Center$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20195
Eppelin, CleaÓrbita$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Alcantara-Camacho, DakotaGUMA' MATAO presents MALI'E$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Alviar-Langley, AngelLoob (looh-uhb)$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Ayco, MelbaPlantation Living Series Part 1: Call and Response$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Stanley, Anhayla (dba Anhayla LLC)Ready for Self-Love$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Thomas, ShannGender Gems$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Tackett, AnthonyAfrican American Arts Scene: Community Spotlight$ 6,500Arts Projects - Individuals20197
SassyBlackAncient Mahogany Gold$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194
Russian, E.T.Apparitions$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Lopez, XavierOn The Edge 2: Second International Latinx Performance Art Festival$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20197
La EspiritistaButterfly: Una Transformación$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20192
Hoadley, FredAn Introduction to the Music of Cuba$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20198
Graney-Saucke, ElliatEleven aka Boys on the Inside$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20194