Congratulations to all the individuals, groups, and organizations across King County who have received a 4Culture grant or commission! We’re proud to support your incredible work.

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2022 Arts Projects - Individuals

NameProject TitleAwardGrant NameYearDistrict
Gosti, AliceWhere is home : third shore$ 7,250Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Chen, Ching-InBreathing in a Time of Disaster$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20221
Asfaw, EzraAlong the 48$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Ramirez, LexCommunity Dance Classes: Affordable and Well-paid$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Alcantara-Camacho, DakotaMALI'E' • Fino'-hu$ 9,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Webber, StormeHome of Good: Mapping Memory$ 9,250Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Nelson, PaulPoetics as Cosmology (Outreach to Marginalized Communities)$ 3,100Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Kahlon, Satpreet (DBA Satpreet Kahlon Studios)Solo show at BAM$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Shibuya, MariCreativity Regenerates$ 5,100Arts Projects - Individuals20229
Alexander, KathyaTHE NEGRO PASSION PLAY$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Schulman, JulieThe Sovereign Queendom Archives Volume 2 and 3$ 3,400Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Higman, JesseCollaborative Landscape$ 6,200Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Cooning, CelesteSoft-Sculpture in the Landscape$ 5,000Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Sharpe, MarcusMusic Soulstice: The Intersection of Gospel, Soul and Hip Hop$ 5,100Arts Projects - Individuals20223
Huber, ChloeAnti-Sweep Zine for Chinatowns$ 5,000Arts Projects - Individuals20223
Meyers, SusanInvisibility Lessons$ 6,250Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Dingus, MaritaMarita Dingus Artist Book$ 8,050Arts Projects - Individuals20227
Vazquez, ErikaSeattle 'REWORK HAUS'$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20221
Mccarty, MicahHishka Humpback Whale Songs from the Deep$ 10,000Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Reid, AiyanaThe sƛʼpúlmx regalia diaries$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Royon, BennyroyceBEGIN AGAIN$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Fey, HexeDigital Indigiqueers Community and Showcase$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Wood, Allyce'Soft Systems', exhibition and open studio$ 1,250Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Crutcher, Sadiqua ImanThe Uterine Files$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Turner, Timothy Nephi (TWE Arts dba Timothy White Eagle)Indian School$ 6,350Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Fang, Sophiadragon froot almanac$ 5,100Arts Projects - Individuals20229
Leong, KristinROCK PAPER RADIO$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Overall, KassaShades of Flu 3 Album and Workshop$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Gosho, SheriONE LIGHTBULB Japanese American Project$ 2,000Arts Projects - Individuals20226
Uto, ChantalMushi Atsui: Bug Hot$ 5,000Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Hurwitz, Dan (aka Daniel Hurwitz)The Disabled List Comedy Showcase$ 8,350Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Belinskaya, SofyaPortraits of Ukrainians and their Homes$ 6,200Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Zolyniak, TedJude and Juliet (working title)$ 3,850Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Diop, ThioneThe Spirit of Africa Festival 2023$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Abid, HumairaShow/permanent-collection for Refugee Women Alliance Seattle$ 10,000Arts Projects - Individuals20229
Osaki, TroyA Country to Come Home To: A Poetry Series$ 8,050Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Lewis, CodyTotemBridge Feature Documentary Film$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Edison, SuzanneThe Kaleidoscope of Autoimmune Diseases$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Chen, DellaSeattle Chinese Community Girls Drill Team Documentary$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Zhao, YuanyuanMonologues of n Women$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Rhodes, JenniferJR Rhodes Project Title TBA (1-5 Words)$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Uomoto, TimothyNorthwest Sweet 16 Break-Dancing Competition$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Peoples, MaliaKapa Wauke: Making Hawaiian Tapa Cloth$ 4,000Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Johnson, ClareHIV + Family Art Exhibition$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20222
TwoBulls, JacintheCedar Bark Wearable Art$ 4,500Arts Projects - Individuals20221
Cakpo-Gbokou, Codjo Etienne (dba Gansango Music & Dance)Africa Remix 2023$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20221
Leo-Gwin, CheryllLarger Than Life: A Very Long Chinese American Journey$ 5,400Arts Projects - Individuals20226
Lee, Malika (dba Right Minded Productions)Journey To Sisterhood$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Loeffler-Gladstone, NicoleHumility : Drift$ 6,650Arts Projects - Individuals20226
Weil, AllyceaAudio Guide With Graphic Interface to Walk Along the Infamous Seattle Redline$ 8,500Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Masterson, CynthiaBeadscription for Wellness$ 3,400Arts Projects - Individuals20224
Hanna, ShelleyTiger Stripe - short film$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Hulls, TessaThe Star of Bengal$ 4,200Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Gebreamlak, HelenA Trauma-Informed Hedda Gabler$ 7,400Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Boiko, Patricia (dba Winning Pictures LLC)Critical What? A youth directed documentary engaging critical thinking about equity.$ 9,000Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Kumata, MichelleJapanese Diaspora: Shared Legacies$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Evans, RogersSankofa's Maafa Experience Documenting the Legacy$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20222
Pruiksma, ThomasThe Song of Juan Rulfo$ 7,500Arts Projects - Individuals20228
Hopper, ChristopherSuggested word count for this section: 1-5 words Reparations: The Trial of Thomas Jefferson$ 9,000Arts Projects - Individuals20221
Valera Alarcon, Felix Enrique (dba Valera, Kiki)cuaTROmpeta$ 7,750Arts Projects - Individuals20224