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Storefront Media Gallery

The Storefront Media Gallery—formerly called e4c—brings dynamic media art to an urban audience on the go. Apply to show your work on our screens, visible to the thousands of pedestrians, bicyclists, and bus riders that pass by our offices every day!

1 What is the Storefront Media Gallery?

1 What is the Storefront Media Gallery?

The Storefront Media Gallery offers digital media artists an opportunity to present work, while enlivening our urban core.

Four screens, adjacent to Gallery4Culture, are visible to the public from Prefontaine Place South, a busy thoroughfare, with more than 20,000 people traveling by on foot, bike, or bus each day.

Works are displayed in rotation during presentation hours, generally, 7:00 am to 10:00 pm daily.

Tess Martin, Part of the Cycle, on view at the Storefront Media Gallery © 2016 photo Sean Stearns


4Culture is seeking electronic artworks for the Storefront Media Gallery. Up to twelve artists will be selected to present from one (1) to three (3) artwork(s) based on completed or proposed media work, for a period of up to one year. Media artists working in all genres are encouraged to apply. Due to the transitory nature of the audience, works up to 5 minutes are desired. Additionally, because of the urban setting and sounds of the street, artworks should not be highly dependent upon sound.

The Storefront Media Gallery is comprised of four screens (each 1920 x 1080), located in 4Culture’s storefront windows, facing Prefontaine Place South. Two directional speakers are mounted on the exterior of the building, broadcasting sound to passers-by. Artists may present the same work on all four screens or have different visuals on each screen (with one audio file).

Selected artists will work with the program manager to adapt selected work for optimal presentation. The Storefront Media Gallery utilizes software with a timeline interface, which is distributed through a network to the display monitors and speakers. Artworks by numerous artists will be scheduled to play on the timeline, which will loop during presentation hours. The entire program usually lasts about one hour.

Selected artists will also work with the program manager to create promotional materials including a press release, and materials for 4Culture’s social media and/or website. Each selected artist will receive a $500 honorarium to help defray related expenses. The artists’ name(s) and artwork title(s) will be posted on the monitors before the artists’ work(s) play. The artists retain all rights of the works submitted.

2 Are You Eligible?

2 Are You Eligible?


This opportunity is open to artists residing in the United States. Current members of 4Culture’s Board of Directors, Advisory Committees, employees and their immediate family, may not apply.

Selection Criteria

Selection of work is based foremost upon demonstrated or potential artistic merit. The panel considers a variety of genres, as well as geographic and cultural diversity. Applications will also be evaluated on appropriateness in concept and content for a public location. Work samples should represent the artist’s skill or potential to create engaging content using media.

If applicable, selected artists must ensure that they have secured necessary talent releases and use rights. Works must respect and adhere to copyright and intellectual property law.

3 Helping You Succeed

3 Helping You Succeed

Tutorial Video

Watch this step-by-step application tutorial video to assist you through the process of creating an account, starting your application, and saving it for later.

View last year’s applicants on our Past Grants page.

Please contact Nina Yarbrough with questions about the Storefront Media Gallery and the application process:

Nina Yarbrough
(206) 477-7537

Translation and Assistance

If you anticipate a barrier to your participation due to limited English writing ability, visual impairment, or would like to request assistance to access this application, please contact us at hello@4culture.org or 206-296-7580 or TTY 711.
Si anticipa una barrera para su participación debido a la capacidad limitada de escritura en inglés, discapacidad visual, o desea solicitar asistencia para acceder a esta aplicación, contáctenos en hello@4culture.org o 206-296-7580 o TTY 711.
如果您由于英语写作能力有限,视力障碍而希望参加比赛,或者希望获得协助来访问此应用程序,请通过hello@4culture.org或206-296-7580或TTY 711与我们联系。

4 After You Submit

4 After You Submit

After the application deadline, 4Culture convenes a panel composed of local artists and arts professionals to review applications and select works for display on the Storefront Media Gallery for the upcoming season. The composition of the panel changes each year.

All applicants will be notified by email, about the selection of artwork(s) for the upcoming season. Selected artists will be sent a contract for services and will work with the Storefront Media Gallery program manager to identify a launch date for their work within 2020. In conjunction with Gallery 4Culture, the Storefront Media Gallery launches selected works for display during First Thursday Art Walk, the largest art walk in the region. Each selected artist will be asked to submit information for promotional purposes as well as their final files. The honoraria payment will be made upon receipt of these materials. Artists retain all rights of the works presented.

Requirements and Appeals

Learn about what will be required if you are awarded a grant, and about the process for appeal of a 4Culture decision.

5 Apply

5 Apply

Applicants must submit the following materials via online application.
Once you have started your application, you can save after each step and sign out—your application will be saved as a draft that you can continue to work on up to the deadline. Once you hit “Submit,” your application is final. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions during the process.

What We Require

We will not consider your application without the materials listed here. We strongly recommend assembling them before you login and begin your application, and encourage you to call or email us with any questions as you work on these materials.

New – Demographic Information

Your profile in our portal must provide demographic information for the current year. We use this information to help us understand how well we are doing in our efforts to reach all communities in King County.

Application Materials

You’ll need to prepare the following materials for your application:

Statement of Intent

If your intent is to present existing artwork (up to three), please describe how you would ideally like the work(s) presented on the Storefront Media Gallery. If you are proposing a new artwork (up to three), please describe your concept. Additionally, describe how you would utilize the screens and why the Storefront Media Gallery is a desirable venue for presentation. 250 words are suggested for this section.

Relevant Expertise and Experience

In lieu of a resume, we are asking applicants to describe any experience, expertise and past accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to successfully present completed or proposed work. If submitting as an artist team, describe past collaborative work experience. 250 words are suggested for this section.

Work Sample Description

Please select up to three (3) videos to serve as your work samples. For each of these works, include the title, date of completion, and duration of the artwork — in the order in which you would like work samples to be reviewed. Indicate if the work sample(s) are an artwork(s) you would like to present on the Storefront Media Gallery or if it is solely a sample of past work. Applicants may also include a brief, two-three sentence description of the work sample if desired.

Work Samples

You may submit a maximum of three (3) work samples of proposed or past work in digital video format (see below). Although video submissions may be full-length, each applicant’s work may only be reviewed for a cumulative total of five (5) minutes maximum. No additional materials may be submitted.

    • URL:
      You may submit up to three (3) videos using Vimeo and/or YouTube. Once you have uploaded video selections that you would like the selection panel to review, indicate the URL (e.g. http://www.vimeo.com/2992575) in the order in which you would like the videos reviewed. Videos may have private Vimeo or YouTube links, but may not be password protected. Work samples may not include websites or be submitted through other media sharing.