Heritage Collections Care
Deadline: June 28, 2017 5pm PST  
Brian J. Carter 206 263.1586
Processing Northwest Nikkei collection materials, 2015, courtesy of Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington

Processing Northwest Nikkei collection materials © 2015, courtesy of Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington
2015 Heritage Collections Care recipient

4Culture understands that care of collections is a fundamental function for any organization holding materials in the public trust. This annual funding program provides support for projects that promote and encourage professional standards and practices in the collection, preservation, assessment and perpetual care of historic and cultural materials, artifacts, and archival records pertaining to the heritage of King County.

Heritage Collections Care supports projects throughout King County, recognizing strategic planning as a foundation for effective collections stewardship; and promotes collections care as a high priority within institutional missions.

In 2015, 16 out of 28 proposals received a total of $78,000 in awards ranging from $900 to $8,000.

4Culture supports this program with revenue derived from an investment of Lodging Tax funds.

Updated Guidelines and Application for 2017 will be posted 6 weeks before the deadline

Who Can Apply

Nonprofit organizations located in King County holding historic collections in the public trust

Nonprofit organizations may submit one application annually to the Heritage Collections Care program.

Eligible Applicants Include King County-Based:

  • Nonprofit heritage and historical organizations, such as museums, archives, public agencies, and community associations that collect, preserve, and hold in public trust, historic artifacts, photographs, documents, ephemera, etc.

The program gives priority to basic collections issues and provides institutions with support to evaluate collections needs and to implement resulting recommendations.

Eligible Projects Must:

  • Focus primarily on the collection, documentation, and/or preservation of King County heritage resources
  • Address at least one of the following heritage disciplines, as related specifically to King County's past: archaeology; indigenous and traditional cultures; ethnic, community, or regional history and heritage; historic preservation; or folklore
  • Demonstrate a public benefit to King County residents and visitors

What Gets Funded

Cataloging, planning, training, assessments, inventories, and archival supplies

Project funds may be used to:

Support projects including, but not limited to:
  • Cataloging and improving access to archaeological collections
  • Improving archival or artifact collection conservation or access
  • Purchasing collections management software
  • Training staff and volunteers in preventive maintenance of collections
  • Performing collections needs assessment surveys and implementing recommendations
  • Instituting and improving security methods for safeguarding collections
  • Developing emergency preparedness plans to protect collections during catastrophic events
  • Hiring trained professionals for collections care projects
  • Compensating qualified interns for collections care activities
  • Bridging a funding gap to conduct MAP, CAP, or StEPs assessments
  • Completing inventories, descriptive catalogs, and/or condition surveys of collections
  • Hiring professional assistance in development of comprehensive collections policies
  • Preserving historic photos through duplication of images
  • Building a collections database for electronic access to minimize handling of original materials

Eligible costs include:

  • Fees for conservators, collections care or heritage specialists, professional consultants or services
  • Fees directed to staff, if their work on the project is outside their regular job duties and payment is above-and-beyond their regular compensation structure.
  • Materials and consumable supplies used for collections care purposes
  • Direct activities costs, which may include transportation, documentation, and other items and fees specifically described in the application

Program funds may NOT be used for:

  • Major equipment purchases, construction or fabrication projects
  • General operating support, indirect or overhead costs and fees, employee benefits or any regular staff salaries
  • Elements of projects completed before the awarding of funds
  • Services for events in which fundraising is a primary purpose
  • Applications from religious institutions
  • Applications from schools
  • Activities lacking a specific focus on King County's history and heritage
  • Support of collections that are privately held or not regularly accessible to the public
  • Restoration of historic structures, the preservation of the built environment, or the stabilization of archaeological sites
Confused by language we use? Check out our glossary of terms


2017 Application Deadline: June 28, 2017 5pm PST

Projects or portions thereof that are funded through 2016 Heritage Collections Care may begin no earlier than August 15, 2016.

How Awards are Made

Competitive selection process with evaluation criteria 

Applications to the Heritage Collections Care program are reviewed by staff for required content. An independent peer review panel, composed of heritage specialists, museum professionals, and other community representatives, meet to evaluate applications. The panel will select and recommend the most highly qualified proposals for funding based on the following criteria:

Quality and Qualifications

  • Clarity of proposed project description, including goals, timeline for completion, and significance
  • Thoroughness and completeness of responses to application queries, and quality of writing
  • Quality of proposal, including its alignment with professional standards, best practices, and methodologies for ensuring successful implementation
  • Experience and qualifications of applicant and project personnel in collections care
  • Relationship of proposal to the applicant's mission and goals, and to existing or needed resources


  • Applicant's preparedness to develop, administer, and complete proposed activities within budgetary, logistical and time constraints described in the application
  • Appropriateness of overall budget and request, including applicant's ability to use 4Culture funds to leverage private or other public funding and support for the proposal
  • Applicant's presentation of a well-developed plan for raising funds needed to complete the proposed activities

Project Impact and Public Benefit

  • Contribution to the development and preservation of the historical record in King County
  • Potential to raise the visibility of heritage collections care and preservation
  • Ability to preserve heritage resources held in the public trust
  • Ability to generate broad and/or lasting public benefit

Heritage Priorities

  • Proposed activities which contribute to the protection and preservation of endangered historic and heritage resources
  • Proposed activities which address preservation of neglected or unique aspects of King County heritage, such as those defined by theme, ethnicity, or geography

Evidence of Preliminary Planning

  • An institutional strategic plan which includes collections care as a key element
  • Participation in or completion of a collections needs assessment survey

Note: Priority will be given to projects that serve underrepresented geographic areas or ethnic groups, if above criteria are met.

Contact Brian J. Carter at 206 263.1586.

Funding from 4Culture programs is awarded on a competitive basis. The following opportunities are available to help applicants plan projects and prepare applications:

  • Free workshops are presented by program staff to identify the types of projects eligible for funding, explain how funding decisions are made, provide a step-by-step review of the application, and offer tips for preparing your proposal.
  • Applications from previous years are available for review at the 4Culture offices.
  • Preview application narrative questions prior to applying.

Requirements and appeals

Learn about the legal requirements of award recipients, and about the process for appeal of a 4Culture award here.

Ready to Apply

How to prepare your application 

STEP 1 - Read all of the above sections
STEP 2 - Gather and prepare your information

You are required to submit your application using the online form. In this section, you will find information on how to prepare your application and submit support materials. At the end of this section, a link will be provided to the online application.

Support Materials

Operating Budget (Required)
You MUST submit your organization's most current annual operating budget, limit to two pages. Word or PDF files only.
Additional Support Materials (Optional)

In addition to your application, you are encouraged to submit any of the following:

  • Portion of long range plan showing priorities for collections care (5 pages maximum)
  • First five pages of current collections policy
  • Résumés of project personnel, including professional consultants
  • Letters of support from organizations or individuals providing in-kind contributions to the project, participating in the project as partners, or supportive of project outcomes
  • Collection content inventories, descriptions or condition reports (5 pages maximum)
  • Samples of standard forms to be used (5 maximum)
  • General plan and timeline for implementation of the proposed project

Note: The online application system will not allow uploads of individual files larger than 2MB.

Application materials WILL NOT be accepted via email, or after the deadline.


STEP 3 - Begin your online application

Once you have started the process of applying online, you can save your work, sign out, and return at any time before the deadline to make changes. Once you submit, you will no longer be able to edit your application, but will still be able to view, save and print it. For technical questions about the online application system, contact staff member Brandi Link at 206 263.1593.

This funding opportunity is currently closed. We will reopen the application for this opportunity at least 6 weeks before the next deadline.

Scheduled Workshops

All applicants are encouraged to attend a workshop prior to submitting your application. These free workshops provide you an opportunity to ask questions, understand specific guidelines, and be taken through a step-by-step review of the application process.

There are no scheduled workshops at this time. Please check back for workshop locations and times 6 weeks before the deadline.


Applicant Project Title Award
Eastside Heritage Center2015/2016 Ongoing Collections Care$4,640
Highline Historical SocietyArchival Collections Intern and Supplies$3,700
Japanese Cultural & Community Center of WashingtonNorthwest Nikkei Museum Permanent Collections Preservation$ 3,600
Kenmore Heritage SocietyPhase Three Newspaper Digitization Kenmore Contribution$6,000
Kubota Garden FoundationKubota Garden Foundation Archive Project Phase 2$ 3,450
Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound (MIPoPS)MIPoPS King County Pilot Project$8,000
Museum of History & IndustryAl Smith Photography Collection Project$7,670
Nordic Heritage Museum16mm Film Collection Transfer, Digitization & Preservation Project$ 6,550
Pacific Northwest Railroad ArchivePacific Northwest Railroad Archive Sustainable Digital Archive Plan$4,000
Renton Historical SocietyCompleting the cataloguing and housing of the Custer-Lewis Collection$900
Seattle Art MuseumPreserving SAM's Historic Media Collection, Phase I$8,000
Snoqualmie Valley Historical SocietyArchival Storage for Documents and Maps$ 1,940
Southwest Seattle Historical SocietyCollections Long-term Preservation Planning: Part C$ 4,150
Washington State Jewish Historical SocietyProfessional Collection Management Database$7,000
White River Valley MuseumAssessment and Care of a Collection of Large Textiles$ 3,400
Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American ExperiencePreservation of the Yick Fung Co. Collection$ 5,000


Applicant Project Title Award
Center on Contemporary Art CoCA Archives Project $4,400
Eastside Heritage Center 2014/2015 Ongoing Collections Care $1,381
Enumclaw Plateau Historical Society Digitizing Past Editions of the Enumclaw Courier Herald $3,000
Fall City Historical Society Fall City eConnections: the Next Steps $3,500
Highline Historical Society Film Conservation $4,175
Historical Society of Federal Way Cataloging and put into Past Perfect w/Intern $5,150
International Examiner The IE Northwest API History and Heritage Archiving Project $5,000
Issaquah Historical Society Continuing Support for Online Collections $3,000
JT News JTNews Digitization and Preservation Project - Phase II $4,985
Kubota Garden Foundation Kubota Garden Foundation Archive Project $4,900
Museum of History and Industry Implement Masters Thesis Recommendations for Care of the Shoe Collection $5,000
Neely Mansion Association Updated Collections Care at Neely Mansion $2,365
Nordic Heritage Museum Icelandic Club Archives Digitization and Storage $1,355
Northwest African American Museum NAAM Collections Assessment Project $3,310
Northwest Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in Italy (dba The Civita Institute) Latona House Archive Stabilization Project $2,706
Rainier Valley Historical Society Collections Inventory & Digitization of Obsolete Media $4,840
Redmond Historical Society Preservation of Sammamish Valley News Collection $5,750
Steamer Virginia V Foundation Virginia V Collections Inventory and Condition Survey $3,300
Washington State Holocaust Education
Resource Center
Preservation Needs Assessment for New Facility $3,200
White River Valley Museum Preserving and Sharing the Earliest Newspapers of the South King County Region $4,000
Woodinville Heritage Society Spread the News - Phase Two $8,053


Applicant Project Title Award
Bothell Historical Museum Society Spread the News $3,000
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project Interview Preservation - Transfer from Tape to Disc $1,500
Dunn Gardens Dunn Gardens Archive Development Project $1,600
Eastside Heritage Center Collections Processing and Rehousing $977
Highline Botanical Garden Foundation Collections Policy & Procedures and Implementation $1,500
Highline Historical Society Improving Cataloguing Capabilities $1,752
Historical Society of Federal Way Heritage Care $2,003
Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum Bringing our photography collection to the digital world $2,575
International Pacific Halibut Commission IPHC Photo Archive Preservation $4,700
Issaquah Historical Society Move Ready $4,850
Japanese Community and Cultural Center of Washington Long-Term Special Collections Preservation $2,780
JT News JTNews Digitization and Preservation Project $2,500
Museum of History and Industry Housing Seattle Post-Intelligencer photo archive at Sophie Frye Bass Library $4,220
Nordic Heritage Museum Stipends for Nordic American Voices oral history project interns $2,000
Northwest Railway Museum Preserving steam $5,000
Redmond Historical Society Preservation of Sammamish Valley News Collection $3,500
Skykomish Historical Society Needs Assessment Survey $2,528
Southwest Seattle Historical Society Southwest Seattle Historical Society Collections Care 2013-2014 $2,100
Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association Digitizing Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association's Oral History Recordings $1,982
Washington State Holocaust Education
Resource Center
Digitizing King County's Holocaust Artifact Collection
for Future Generations
White River Valley Museum Preparing Collections Records for Google Indexing and World Wide Use $3,150
Wing Luke Museum of the
Asian Pacific American Experience
Preserving the Ping and Ruby Chow Collection $5,000
Woman's Century Club Conservation of Club's Scrapbooks Histories and Early Papers $1,038


Applicant Project Title Award
EMP Museum Jimi Hendrix Collection: Photographic Film Preservation $1,200
Fall City Historical Society eConnections: Dividends on Investment $1,778
Highline Historical Society Inventorying Women's Collection $3,276
Historical Society of Federal Way Heritage Collection Care 2012 $2,550
Hokubei Hochi Foundation Hokubei Hochi Newspaper Preservation Project $2,600
Issaquah Historical Society Funding a Collections Assessment Program (CAP) $3,766
Japanese Community & Cultural Center of Washington Northwest Nikkei Museum Collections Documentation Project $2,000
Museum of Flight The Peter M. Bowers Collection negatives rehousing $3,500
Northwest African American Museum Creation of Archive for Northwest Black Pioneers Photo Collection $3,796
Northwest Railway Museum Collections rehousing begins $2,590
Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters Phase 1 Project Design-Preserving Our Heritage $1,500
Rainier Valley Historical Society Rainier Valley Photograph Preservation Project $1,030
Renton Historical Society On-Site Inventory of Artifacts at the Renton History Museum $2,880
Snoqualmie Valley Historical Society Saved From the Dump: Preserving the Record $4,461
Soos Creek Botanical Garden and Heritage Center Preservation and Documentation of Heritage Collection $2,251
Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association VMIHA Heritage Preservation Initiative: Upgrade Document & Newspaper Storage $1,942
Washington State Jewish Historical Society Artifacts Preservation Improvement $3,000
White River Valley Museum Collections Care at the Mary Olson Farm $3,896
Woodinville Heritage Society Bringing It Together $4,412


Applicant Project Title Award
Black Heritage Society of Washington State Collections Move Project $1,129
Center for Wooden Boats Historic Vessel Preservation Cradles $1,170
Duvall Historical Society Duvall Historical Society Collections Care $2,000
Fall City Historical Society Taking Stock $1,200
Highline Historical Society Rehousing Collections $2,215
Issaquah Historical Society Full Access: Issaquah History Museums Online Collection $4,000
Jack Straw Productions Jack Straw Image Archive $3,375
Museum of History and Industry Century 21 In Motion: Preserving Priceless Films of the
Seattle World's Fair
Nordic Heritage Museum Cataloging the Isaacson Iron Works Collection $3,250
Northwest African American Museum Documenting and Preserving NAAM's Heritage Collections $2,797
Northwest Railway Museum Conservation Now! $2,595
Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society PastPerfect User Manual Development and Object Data Review $3,700
Redmond Historical Society Create a Museum Growth Plan $4,000
Renton Historical Society Digitizing the museum's film and oral history collections $3,354
Richard Hugo House Zine Archive & Publishing Project (ZAPP): Catalog Upgrade $3,000
Sammamish Heritage Society Catalog and Preservation of Sammamish Historical Collection $2,500
Southwest Seattle Historical Society 2011 Log House Museum Collections Care $2,215
The Steven J. (Jesse) Bernstein Archives The Steven J. (Jesse) Bernstein Archives Project $3,500
Tukwila Historical Society Tukwila Historical Society Collection Preservation $1,500
Washington State Holocaust Education
Resource Center
King County Holocaust Heritage Artifacts Cataloging Project,
Heinz Schwarz Collection


Applicant Project Title Award
Ballard Historical Society Preserving Ballard History Through Improved Archival Practices $1,325
Center for Wooden Boats Complete CWBs Collection Catalogue $2,000
Eastside Heritage Center Preserving the Voices of Our Past $2,134
Fall City Historical Society Building on Strength $1,500
Highline Historical Society Appropriate Storage Media $3,000
Historical Society of Federal Way Historical Society of Federal Way Needs Assessment for Facilities & Collection Management $1,950
Issaquah Historical Society Increasing Collections Information & Accessibility (cont'd) $3,550
Jack Straw Productions Seattle History: The Student Perspective $1,765
Kenmore Historical Society Collections care and management $3,971
Museum of History and Industry Restoration of a WPA Mural by Kenneth Callahan $4,000
Nordic Heritage Museum Collections Records Digitization Project $3,770
Northwest Railway Museum Recording heat and hygro today for a better collection tomorrow $3,010
Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society Ship Plans Preservation Project $4,000
Redmond Historical Society Historical Records Preservation $2,400
Renton Historical Society Cataloging and Digitizing the Renton History Museums
Oversize Photograph Collection
Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association VMIHA Collection Standards Initiative: Upgrade Photograph Storage $2,000
Washington State Holocaust Education
Resource Center
King County Holocaust Heritage Artifacts Cataloging Project $3,000
Washington State Jewish Historical Society Professional Maintenance of the Jewish Historical Society Artifacts Collection $2,000
White River Valley Museum Improvements in Textile Storage $3,750


Applicant Project Title Award
Burke Museum Association Preservation of the Viaduct: An Archaeological Collection $4,000
Center for Wooden Boats Preservation of Lake Union's Blanchard Junior Knockabout Sailboats $3,264
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project "Unfinished Business": Japanese American Internment Case Interviews $4,000
Issaquah Historical Society Increasing Collections Information & Accessibility $2,500
Jack Straw Productions KRAB Audio Archive: Preserving Seattle History $3,000
Museum of Flight Boeing Field (King County International Airport) History Archival Project $3,750
Nordic Heritage Museum Textile Collections Re-Housing Project $2,000
Northwest African American Museum NAAM Collections Catalog Development Project $2,471
Northwest Railway Museum Northwest Railway Museum small object cataloging $4,000
Redmond Historical Society Redmond Oral History Project $1,500
Renton Historical Society & Museum Moving the collection to new off-site storage $3,564
Skykomish Historical Society Preserving the Story of the Iron Goat Trail $3,500
Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum We Did It Right! What's Next? $2,380
Southwest Seattle Historical Society/Log House Museum Creating Storage Solutions for Archive and Artifact Collections and Cataloging $1,936
Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association VMIHA Collection Standards Initiative - Upgrade Artifact Storage $3,435
Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center King County Holocaust Heritage Artifact Preservation Project $3,200
White River Valley Museum Cataloguing & Assessment of Collections for Mary Olson Farm $4,000


Applicant Project Title Award
Center for Wooden Boats Updating CWB Collection Policies $3,000
Densho: The Japanese-American
Legacy Project
Saving History: Rescuing Rare Tapes of Japanese-American Redress Hearings $4,000
Fall City Historical Society Falls City Needs Assessment for Facilities and Collection Management $2,500
Highline Historical Society Photograph Digitization Project $1,800
Hip Hop Congress "Our Story" King County Hip Hop Heritage Project Assessment $1,950
Issaquah Historical Society Operation Auto Freight: Collections Inventory and Triage $4,000
Kirkland Heritage Society Archival Storage Materials and Collections Display at Heritage Hall $1,000
Museum of History & Industry Collections Initiative - Artifact Inventory $4,000
Northwest Railway Museum Chapel Car 5 Condition Assessment/Collection Care Report $4,000
Northwest Seaport Digitization of NWS Archival Collections $2,000
Redmond Historical Society Redmond Historical Society Collections Planning and Implementation $1,900
Renton Historical Society & Museum Preservation of Glass Plate Negative Images of Renton, ca 1910 $2,500
Richard Hugo House Zine Archive and Publishing Project $2,000
Snoqualmie Valley Historical Society Let's Do It Right! $3,500
Southwest Seattle Historical Society Collection Archival Rehousing and Cataloging $4,000
Wash. State Jewish Historical Society Professional Management of the Jewish Historical Society Collection of Artifacts $4,000
White River Valley Museum Making a Community Museum's Archive Collections Accessible $4,000
Wing Luke Asian Museum Preserving Historical Images from the Takano Photography Studio $2,350

If you've been approved to receive 4Culture funding for your project.  What now?  Here's what to expect


4Culture will notify you of your grant after it has been approved by our Board of Directors. Typically, notification occurs about two months following the application deadline date. The contact person identified in your application will be sent a notification email, and a list of next steps to follow.


If you are awarded a grant through Heritage Collections Care, you are required to enter into a contract with 4Culture to receive payment. In an effort to simplify our contracting process, and to reduce our environmental impact, 4Culture now provides contract documents electronically.

Once your contract’s Scope of Service and Public Benefit have been defined, 4Culture staff will prepare a contract for your signature. You will receive an e-mail from 4Culture through DocuSign with a link to your contract for you to sign electronically. At that point, you will not be able to make changes to the contract, but if you would like to request edits, please contact Chieko Phillips at 206 477.6811.

After you have electronically signed your contract, and have returned any requested forms (such as a completed W-9 Form), 4Culture will electronically sign your contract. Then, DocuSign will automatically e-mail you a signed, digital copy of your contract to keep for your records. You will then be able to move ahead with your project, and request payment from 4Culture for reimbursement according to the project schedule outlined in your contract’s Scope of Service.

Prior to presenting or publishing your project

Help us demonstrate the reach of 4Culture's funding and the value of supporting culture to elected officials and the general public.

All 4Culture funded projects must:

  • Acknowledge 4Culture's support in all project-related print and on-line material with this text: This project was supported, in part, by a grant from 4Culture.
  • Include this logo on project-related materials including: websites, brochures, press releases, programs, posters, flyers, advertisements, signage and other related collateral material.

Assistance with promotion:

To assist grant recipients with outreach, 4Culture often posts information about completed projects or upcoming 4Culture supported events on its blog. If you are interested in our help in promoting your project, please send all of the following information to Brian Carter at least 3 weeks prior to your event or publication release:
  • Event Title
  • Website/Event Link
  • Event/Completion Date and Time
  • Event Location, including street address
  • Brief description of around 200 words
  • Contact information including name, phone number and e-mail
  • Digital image(s) of the project in-process or completed. We prefer photographs that include people. By providing images including recognizable people, we assume you have obtained permission to use their image through a model release or other means, especially for anyone under 18.

Promote your 4Culture funded project using our Media Kit. Find out what’s required, what you can do and how we can help.

Getting Paid

Once your 4Culture contract is signed by you and by 4Culture, your new grant will be listed in your account at apply.4Culture.org under the Manage Grants section. To be reimbursed, follow the "View grants & submit a request for payment" link and complete the payment request form for the relevant contract.

You may submit a request for either a partial payment or final payment, depending on the Scope of Service you negotiated during the contracting process. You must follow the payment schedule outlined in the Scope.

In order to receive payment, you must submit the required deliverables noted in the Scope of Service and Public Benefit sections of your contract.

You must upload these required attachments when submitting a final Heritage Collections Care payment request:

  • A final report documenting project activities, including outreach to publicize the project
  • A brief project overview for publication and posting on 4Culture’s website
  • A final project budget, including all in-kind contributions
  • Copies of publicity materials related to the project with evidence of proper credit to 4Culture
  • Project documentation, including digital images of project activities and any other requirements identified in your contract’s Scope.

Once you have submitted your payment request electronically, your program manager is notified automatically by the system. You do not need to email us. He or she will review and approve the payment request, and 4Culture will send payment, usually within 14 days. If any of the required forms are completed incorrectly, we will contact you.

If you cannot complete your project and public benefit by the date your contract closes, please contact Brandi Link for a possible contract extension.

Best Practices

Let us know if 4Culture may provide you with any of the following:
  • Other funding resources
  • Sample press releases
  • Tips on contacting your legislators and King County Council members. Your elected officials should know you make an impact in your community!

Stay in touch with 4Culture throughout the process

Let us know what your plans are and if you have any questions or concerns along the way. We are proud to support your organization and we hope we can assist you in making your project a success! Please contact Brian Carter for guidance.