Preservation Special Projects
Deadline: passed  
Brandi Link 206 263.1593
50th Anniversary flyer, September 30th, 2014 lecture courtesy of Friends of the Market

50th Anniversary flyer, September 30th, 2014 lecture courtesy of Friends of the Market
2014 Preservation Special Projects Recipient

Saving places that matter often begins with research, outreach, and advocacy to build community support for Historic Preservation.

The Preservation Special Projects program offers funding for neighborhood survey/inventory, landmark registration, project planning and more. We encourage projects that highlight historic places in innovative ways, utilize new technology, and engage new audiences.

In 2014, 10 out of 11 proposals received a total of $76,687 in awards ranging from $3,500 to $10,000. A portion of Lodging Tax revenues collected in King County provides all of the funding for this program.

Guidelines and Process for 2015 Program Below | Deadline: passed

Who Can Apply

Individuals, organizations, and public agencies  

Eligible Applicants are:

  • Individuals who reside in King County, Washington (Funding received through this program is reported as taxable income.)
  • Organizations or community groups based in King County
  • Public agencies, other than K-12 schools or school districts, of King County

Eligible Projects must:

  • Contribute to the identification, evaluation, or protection of the built environment,
  • Directly address historic buildings or structures, older neighborhoods or landscapes shaped by man, AND
  • Provide public benefit to King County residents.

What Gets Funded

Place-based projects involving documentation, planning, advocacy, outreach, or education  

Eligible Activities Include:

  • Local landmark or National Register nominations
  • Survey/inventory work - including context statements
  • Pre-development studies - including structural investigations, conditions assessments, or historic structures reports
  • Community preservation plans, cultural resource management plans
  • Design guidelines
  • Workshops, lectures, field schools, or public education programs with historic preservation content
  • Advocacy efforts around preservation issues

Eligible Costs Include:

  • Fees for preservation consultants, architects, attorneys or other professional services
  • Materials and consumable supplies used for program purposes
  • Direct project costs, which may include transportation, documentation, and other items and fees specifically described in the application

Project Funds May Not Be Used For:

  • "Bricks and Mortar" rehab or repair work (4Culture has separate funding programs for these)
  • Major equipment purchases (4Culture has a separate funding program for this)
  • General operating support, indirect or overhead costs, employee benefits or any regular staff salaries (4Culture has a separate funding program for this)
  • Portions of the project completed before the award of funds (May 1, 2015)
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Direct marketing or advertising costs
  • Food or catering costs

When to Apply

2015 Application Deadline: passed

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Online application period opens January 1, 2015. This allows 8 weeks to start, complete and submit your online application. Projects, or portions thereof funded through this program, may begin no earlier than the award date, May 1st, 2015.

How Awards are Made

Review criteria and competitive selection process 

Applications to the Preservation Special Projects Program are first reviewed by staff for required content. An independent peer review panel of preservation specialists then meets to evaluate applications. The panel will select and recommend the most compelling projects to the 4Culture Board for funding, based on the following criteria:

Review Criteria

Quality & Qualifications
  • Quality of the proposed project, alignment with best practices in preservation, and innovation within the field
  • Experience and qualifications of the applicant and project team
  • Clarity and completeness of the application
Impact & Public Benefit
  • Benefit to residents of King County
  • Potential to expand understanding and awareness of historic places
  • A plan to pro-actively engage audiences new to preservation
  • Sustained impact of the project after its completion
  • Readiness of the applicant to undertake the proposed work this year, and complete it within 18 months after the award date
  • Demonstrated track record of the project team in successfully completing projects on time and on budget
  • Financial viability, including appropriateness of overall budget and request and a credible consultant estimate if applicable
  • Ability of the applicant to undertake the project on a reimbursement basis
Additional Preservation Program Priorities
  • Project contributes to a geographical diversity within the applicant pool
  • Project engages an under-served community - such as youth, seniors, veterans, low-income, disabled, or minority populations

Questions about your proposal or its eligibility? Contact Brandi Link at 206 263.1593.


Funding from 4Culture programs is awarded on a competitive basis. Opportunities are available to help applicants prepare good applications:

  • Attend an application preparation workshop
  • Schedule an appointment with staff to discuss your application, and/or review applications from previous years at 4Culture offices.
  • Preview application narrative questions prior to applying. [Organizations/Public Agencies | Individuals]

Requirements and appeals

Learn about the legal requirements of award recipients, and about the process for appeal of a 4Culture award.

Ready to Apply

How to submit your ONLINE application 

STEP 1 - Read all of the above sections

STEP 2 - Gather and prepare your information

You are required to submit your application using 4Culture’s online form. In this section, you will find information on required and optional support materials. Once you’ve completed the required documents, you will upload them to the online application before submitting. At the end of this section, a link is provided to the online application.

Support Materials

Project Budget (Required)

You may use 4Culture’s budget form provided here, or upload your own budget document that delineates Expenses and Income in the same categories as 4Culture's form. You must limit to two pages, and only Word (.doc/.docx) or PDF formats will be accepted. Check your budgets after you upload them! Applications submitted with blank budgets will be deemed ineligible.

Consultant Estimate (Required if applicable)

Submit one or more written estimates in the upload step, if your project will involve hiring a consultant preservationist, architect, historian or other professional.

Board List (Required for Organizations only, not for Public Agencies)

Submit a list of your organization's board members in the upload step, their service dates, term limits and brief background information. You must limit to one page, Word (.doc / .docx) or PDF formats only.

Images (Optional)

You may submit up to 5 digital images in the upload step of the online application. Accepted file types are .jpg, .gif and .png. Do not upload .pdf or .tiff images.
Note: The online application system will not allow uploads of individual files larger than 2 megabytes.

Miscellaneous (Optional)

In addition to your application, you may provide letters of support, drawings or maps, copies of media coverage, previous research, studies or reports to help illustrate your proposal. Optional support materials must be hand-delivered or postmarked by the deadline date, with the name of the applicant and program clearly marked on the package. Provide 2 copies. If you would like any materials returned, you must also provide a pre-paid mailing envelope.

Address mailed materials to:
  • Brandi Link
  • 4Culture
  • 101 Prefontaine Pl S
  • Seattle, WA 98104


Application materials will not be accepted by email or after the deadline.


STEP 3 - Sign in to fill out your application

Once you have started the process of applying online, you can hit "save" after each completed step in the application, sign out, and return at any time before the deadline to make changes. Once you hit "submit," you will no longer be able to edit your application, but will still be able to view, save and print your application.

This funding opportunity is currently closed. We will reopen the application for this opportunity at least 6 weeks before the next deadline.

Eligibility & Step-by-Step Tutorial



start your application
get back into your application
upload documents and images
edit and submit your application

Scheduled Workshops

All applicants are encouraged to attend a workshop prior to submitting your application. These free workshops provide you an opportunity to ask questions, understand specific guidelines, and be taken through a step-by-step review of the application process.


There are no scheduled workshops at this time. Check back 6 weeks before the deadline for schedule of workshops.


How large are Preservation Special Project awards?

Awards are anticipated to range between $3,000 and $10,000.

Is there a match required?

No, but a match is encouraged. Projects that can demonstrate some level of cash or in-kind contribution will be ranked higher under the criterion of Feasibility

If I'm awarded funding, will I get the money up front?

No, 4Culture awards are made only on a reimbursement basis. During contracting, reimbursement may be set up for two or more increments.

What are my obligations if I receive an award?

All recipients of Preservation Special Projects funding must meet defined public benefit requirements, which will be negotiated in the contracting phase.

Will 4Culture staff help me with my application?

Yes. Call or email us to indicate Intent to Apply. You are encouraged to attend a free workshop in January or February. We are happy to answer questions and give pointers!

Who do I work with?

Program Manager Flo Lentz is your primary contact for the Preservation Special Projects Program. Contact Flo at 206 263.1604.


Name Project Title Award
Bothell Historical Museum Society Hannan House Architectural Assessment $6,351
Chong Wa Benevolent AssociationChong Wa Hall Structural and Accessibility Improvements $10,000
City of Kirkland Kirkland Historic Resource Survey c. 1945-1965 $9,400
Des Moines Memorial Drive Preservation Association World War I Centennial 2018 Celebration Planning for DMMD $4,300
Friends of the Market Friends of the Market - 50th Anniversary SPL Lecture Event $3,875
Craig Glazier Sunset Garage Window Survey $3,500
Inter*Im Community Development Association Preserving the NP Hotel - Survey Report & Recommendations to Improve Building Envelope Performance $10,000
Northwest Seaport Public Access Design for Lightship No. 83 Swiftsure $9,961
Southwest Seattle Historical Society Alaska Junction Historic and Notable Structure Survey $10,000
Steamer Virginia V Foundation Historic Preservation Planning $9,300


Name Project Title Award
Center for Wooden Boats Longline Fishing Vessel Reconnaissance Survey $9,320
City of Newcastle Newcastle Historic Cemetery Preservation Plan $9,850
Zachary Corum Map of Historic River Paths Optimized for Mobile $7,517
Historic Seattle Panama Hotel Historic Structure Report $10,000
Kent Mill Creek Neighborhood Council Mill Creek Historic District Application $5,250
Katheryn H. Krafft Vertical Plank/Box Construction Survey & Report $5,000
Jeffrey Moidel Judge Ronald House Landmark Nomination $5,000
Neely Mansion Association Hori Bath House Restoration Planning $9,930
Northwest Seaport Vessel Master Plans $10,000
Seattle Chinatown-ID Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda) Building Assessment Template for URM Property Owners in I.D. $5,000
Seattle Theatre Group Seattle's Historic Paramount Theatre Video $7,000
Southwest Seattle Historical Society Alki Homestead nomination to National Register $4,950
White River Valley Museum Back to the Future: Augmented Reality at the Mary Olson Farm $10,000

If you've been approved to receive historic preservation funding from 4Culture.  What now?  Here's what to expect...


4Culture will send a letter to notify you of your award when it has received final approval, typically two months from the program deadline.


In order to be awarded your funds, you must sign a contract with 4Culture. Essentially, 4Culture will contract with you to provide the preservation services described in your application. We'll be in touch with you as we prepare the contract to discuss the scope of work, and any applicable insurance requirements. During this process, we will also negotiate the specific public benefits that you must provide in exchange for the receipt of public funds.

4Culture will prepare and mail a contract package to you.

The package will contain two copies of your contract. Please sign and return both copies as soon as possible. Once your contract is signed by 4Culture, a copy will be mailed back to you for your files.

Fill out and submit any enclosed documents - they are required. These may include:

  • One (1) W-9 Form - for all awardees new to our system
  • A Disability Assurance of ADA Compliance form – for organizations only

Once you have submitted all these required forms and 4Culture has also signed the contract, your contract is active.


For Landmarks Capital projects only, 4Culture will provide a temporary construction banner for your project site, crediting 4Culture as a funder. You are required to hang the banner in a visible outdoor location during the active phase of your construction project.


WE DO NOT PROVIDE PAYMENT UP FRONT; ALL 4CULTURE AWARDS ARE MADE ON A REIMBURSABLE BASIS. You must submit invoice(s) along with any required documentation in order to get paid! A 4Culture invoice form(s) is available here for download and will also be in your contract package. This invoice is program specific. Keep it to use when submitting for reimbursement. Once you complete the work, or an increment of the work as specified in your contract, fill out a hard copy of the 4Culture invoice, and send it in to us via mail or fax to 206 296.8629. Landmarks Capital projects will also require submittal of billings from your vendors and sub-contractors.


Photos are an important part of your final submittal for payment. Almost all Preservation funding program contracts require at least 10 high-quality images.

These must be digital photos, submitted on a disk, as our server does not accept large email attachments. The best photos will show how the project progressed, show participants or workers on the job, and be useable by 4Culture to promote its programs in web or print formats. For all Landmarks Capital projects, Photo Guideline Sheet will be included in your contract packet. Please review it carefully at the beginning of your project!


Provided that all of the above steps have been completed, checks will be cut and mailed within two weeks after receipt of your invoice/documentation and photos.


We want you to acknowledge 4Culture/King County Lodging Tax support on any project-related press releases, programs, flyers, etc. Please use this logo on any such promotional materials.

Stay in touch with us about your project! In particular, please let us know in advance when construction work is happening, and send us any news as it progresses. We are proud to support your project and hope we can assist you in making it a success. Please contact Flo Lentz at 206 263.1604 for help.